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39 Foods That Start With F

Need some fun, flavorful foods that begin with the letter f? Look no further! Here we have compiled a list of the top 39 foods, ingredients, fruits, and desserts that start with F.

With this thorough list, you can have an f themed food day every Friday.

39 Foods That Start With F

1. Fajita

The first food that starts with the letter f is the fajita. The Mexicans and Texans paired up to create a delicious dish of grilled meats and vegetables such as chicken or beef and bell peppers and onions.

These grilled meats and veggies are wrapped in a flour or corn tortilla bring out the smokey flavors.

39 Foods That Start With F

2. Fennel

Fennel is a licorice-tasting herb that adds a minty, citrus spice to your dishes.

It can be added to salads or cooked into a hearty pasta dish. If you’ve tried fennel, you have probably either loved it or hated it.

Fun fact – fennel is the main ingredient in absinthe alcohol, giving it a strong, medicinal taste.

3. Farce

If you are a hot dog, meatloaf, or sausage fan, this recipe is for you!

Farce or forcemeat is like a meat mousse, with heavily seasoned chopped or strained meat.

The meat usually consists of both lean and fatty portions of meat and can be made with pork, fish, or gamey meats.

39 Foods That Start With F

4. Falafel

Soft, fluffy, fried balls of ground chickpeas that taste like little pillows with every bite?

Yes, please! Whether you are somewhere in the Middle East or at a falafel cart in New York City, falafel is always a delicious option.

39 Foods That Start With F

5. Fritter

Whether you have a sweet tooth or are more into savory foods, you can enjoy fritters.

Fritters are battered and deep-fried and can be made of many different things such as meat, seafood, fruits, or vegetables.

If you are in the mood for a dessert that starts with f, eat an apple fritter.

6. Feta

The baked feta pasta recipe went viral, and for a good reason. Feta cheese is creamy, salty, and perfect for salads or pasta.

As a Mediterranean cheese, it pairs well with olives, peppers, and olive oil, and flatbread.

7. Frittata

Frittata is an Italian dish that translates to the word ‘fried.’ It is essentially a large egg dish that resembles an omelet or quiche.

Fritattas can also be modified to your tastes, and you can add different cheeses, meats, or vegetables.

39 Foods That Start With F

8. Figs

Figs are one of the most delicious fruits that start with the letter f. With a soft, sweet center with crunchy seeds, there is no wonder why figs make a great jam.

Aside from jam, figs are also great for sandwiches. Try a duck confit fig sandwich or drizzle a balsamic fig sauce on your chicken for a tasty f themed meal.

9. Fruitcake

Fruitcakes are a popular, globally known dessert that is often eaten at weddings and Christmas celebrations.

This traditional cake is made with candied or dried fruits and is usually eaten without frosting or toppings since it is a denser cake.

10. Fava Beans

Fava beans, also known as broad beans, are soft, starchy, and have a hit of sweetness.

These beans are very unique and can be stir-fried or used in recipes such as Foul, which is a Middle Eastern staple.

11. Frumenty

Travel back to the medieval period with a Frumenty recipe!

Frumenty comes from the word frumentum, which means grain in Latin, which is fitting since frumenty is a porridge consisting of a thick grain.

39 Foods That Start With F

12. Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon, is one of the fanciest cuts of meat, making it a perfect food with f to display on the list.

Filet mignon is a tender and flavorful cut of steak. This smaller end of the tenderloin will just melt in your mouth!

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13. Frosting

If you have ever eaten a cake, you know what frosting is. Frosting or icing is every child’s favorite part of a cake.

It is a creamy, thick glaze made of sugar, and it goes on top of cupcakes, cakes, and other desserts.

14. Flaxseed

Flaxseeds are tiny brown seeds that are packed with nutritional value.

This superfood is high in fiber, antioxidants, and Vitamin B. Flaxseeds can be added to a salad, cereal, or even in baked goods such as muffins or oatmeal cookies.

39 Foods That Start With F

15. Fries

The perfect side dish for any meal! Whether you are in the mood for frozen fries, fast food potato fries, curly fries, or gourmet sweet potato fries, fries are always a great option.

Put them on the side of a juicy burger, or dip them in your chocolate shake!

16. Flounder

Flounder fish is another delicate food that starts with F. Flounder is a slightly sweet, tender fish that can be baked, pan-fried, or steamed.

Their mild flavor makes it easy to pair with a number of seasonings.

17. Fricassee

A fricassee is a medieval French stew made of pieces of chicken, beef, or rabbit that are browned in butter.

Chicken Fricassee is typically covered in a thick and creamy white sauce. This food that starts with f is generally found in high-end French restaurants.

39 Foods That Start With F

18. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a plant that has been used as Chinese medicine for years. Though you may not have heard of it, it is becoming increasingly common as a household herb.

This herb has many health benefits and can be found in many Indian dishes.

19. Fricandeau

Fricandeau is another french dish that begins with the letter f. This dish is a thinly sliced piece of veal that is usually either fried or stewed and covered in a sauce.

Although fricandeau is not as well known as some of the other dishes, it is definitely worth trying if you are making an f themed food day.

39 Foods That Start With F

20. French Toast

No breakfast is complete without french toast! French toast consists of slices of bread dipped in beaten eggs and milk.

Top it with maple syrup and pour yourself a glass of orange juice for an all-American breakfast.

21. Frankfurter

A frankfurter is a German sausage made of pork and encased in sheep’s intestines.

These boiled sausages originated in Frankfurt during the Medieval era. Frankfurters are similar to hot dogs and usually are places between bread buns.

22. Flatbread

There are many different types of flatbreads, with each culture creating a variation of its own.

The first type of flatbread was created in Egypt, and it was made without yeast.

Flatbreads are now in nearly every region of the world, and they are used to dip into sauces, wrap meats, and form sandwiches.

39 Foods That Start With F

23. Frappe

You can’t go to Starbucks without getting a frappe! A frappe or frappuccino is a blended iced coffee drink with foam or whipped cream on top. The frappuccino is perfect for those hot summer days.

39 Foods That Start With F

24. Flan

If you are ever in Spain, you absolutely must order a Flan. Flan is a carmelized, custard-like dessert that is served cold.

The cold, creamy consistency is best paired with a coffee or glass of wine.

25. Frangipane

Frangipane is a French, almond-flavored custard. This custard is used in tarts and pastries.

Frangipane is similar to marzipan, and they both have a textured, sweet, and nutty taste that makes them a great filling.

39 Foods That Start With F

26. French Fries

While we have already discussed general fries, french fries are specifically made with russet potatoes.

Fun Fact! Even though they are called French fries, they did not originate from France but instead originate from Belgium.

27. Fedelline

Fedelline, or more commonly known as capellini, is extremely thin pasta that can be cooked either with butter or as a soup.

This Italian pasta is light and cooks very quickly. If you are short on time, make a dish with fedelline pasta.

28. Fox Grape

Fox grapes are extremely sour, and while they are edible raw, they are most typically made into wine.

These grapes can also be used to make grape jelly or grape flavoring.

These grapes are called fox grapes because of their naturally musky scent.

39 Foods That Start With F

29. Fudge

Fudge is a chocolate dessert that is made with sugar, butter, and milk. It is typically in the form of a large bar and is then cut into squares.

Fudge has a smooth and creamy taste that makes it an irresistible treat during the holidays.

30. Fowl

Fowl is poultry meat similar to turkey or chicken. It can be baked in the oven or pan-fried.

While some describe it as tasting like turkey, others say it is more like a pheasant since the meat is darker and juicier.

31. Fettuccini

Ah, fettuccini. A perfectly flat and wide Roman pasta that is is absolutely heavenly with bolognese sauce, a mushroom sauce, or some alfredo sauce.

Pick out a fine wine to pair it with and Buon appetito! A delicious meal.

32. Fishpaste

Fishpaste is common in Asian countries, and it is used as a condiment or seasoning.

It is typically fermented or cured. In Chinese cuisine, it is used to make fish cakes, which are then boiled in a hot pot or stir-fried.

39 Foods That Start With F

33. Funnel Cake

Have you ever been to a fair or carnival? If you have, you have definitely tried funnel cake.

Funnel cake is made of fried batter that is swirled into a circular cake.

It is typically topped with powdered sugar, whipped cream, and strawberries.

34. Ford hooks

Ford hooks are a bean similar to lima beans. These beans can be creamed or sauteed in butter.

While these beans are considered nutty and sweet, they can be bitter if they are cooked incorrectly.

35. Fondue

Fondue is a typical New Years’ Eve dish. You can have a savory fondue to dip your meats and vegetables for dinner and sweet chocolate fondue for dessert.

36. Foreshank

Foreshank is a portion of beef that is typically more muscular and dry.

This makes it more suitable for stews or to be braised. Longer cooking times will tenderize this cut of meat and make it juicy and flavorful.

37. Farfalle

Farfalle is an Italian pasta shape more commonly known as bow-tie pasta or butterfly pasta.

This pasta shape has the perfect amount of texture to soak up the flavorful sauce. Whether you want to make a white or red sauce on your farfalle will be a great option.

39 Foods That Start With F

38. Fish

Fish are incredibly healthy and nutritious since they are full of omega 3-fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Fish can be pan-fried, deep-fried, or steamed, so if you don’t like steamed fish, try frying them.

39. Farina

Farina is a hot breakfast cereal common in The United States.

It is made of fine grain that is then boiled with milk and sugar to make a creamy consistency.

Farina is a healthy and delicious breakfast for those who want a simple meal.