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20 Best and Simple Rum Punch Recipes

Summer is the season for grilling out, camping trips, pool parties, and tons of outdoor fun. So what’s a summer party without delicious refreshments?

When it comes to drinks, punch is a pretty broad term, but it generally refers to a mixture of several fruit juices and spices, often with wine or liquor added.

So rum punch, therefore, refers to punch made with rum.

20 Best and Simple Rum Punch Recipes

But why rum? Rum is traditionally made with molasses or sugarcane. This natural sweetness combines beautifully with fruit juices and flavors.

Rum punch is great to make for a crowd or yourself. Ready to learn how to make rum punch? We’ve rounded up twenty rum punch recipes to give you some ideas.

There are endless ways you can combine ingredients, as you’ll see in these recipes. Remember, please drink responsibly!

1. Coconut Dark Rum Punch

You’ll often see combinations of rum to make rum punch, and that’s what this recipe is all about.

You’ll need coconut rum and dark rum for this recipe. For the fruity flavors, you’ll need orange juice, pineapple juice, and lime juice.

You can replace the lime juice with lemon juice for even more flavor. Grenadine is a non-alcoholic bar syrup, traditionally made from pomegranate, and is a common addition to rum punch.

Pour into a shaker and shake vigorously, or stir in a pitcher to create a large quantity.

Serve with sliced fruit (orange, pineapple, or maraschino cherry) or even a cocktail umbrella!

2. LilyPad Cottage Rum Punch

This rum punch is named after a home décor blog called The LilyPad Cottage, where blogger Kelly shares home decor projects, recipes, and life on her lake home in Michigan.

For fruit juices, you’ll need pineapple juice, orange juice, and the juice of one lime.

You’ll also need ginger ale to help add fizz and extra flavor. No specific type of rum is mentioned here, so use whatever you have or prefer.

Garnish with fruit slices or paper umbrellas. Happy summer!

3. Bacardi Rum Punch

When it comes to rum punch and other cocktails, Bacardi is a common brand to use. Combined with dark rum and coconut rum, you’ll get a sweet cruise-worthy drink, ready to enjoy like you’re in the Caribbean.

You’ll also add a small dose of ginger ale with the rums and fruit juices for a bubbly, fizzy texture.

Just be sure to add the soda right before serving or leave it on the side for guests to add themselves.

To slow down the ice cubes melting (and thus watering down the drink), chill all the liquids before making. Wait until serving to add the fruit slices.

4. Brunch Rum Punch

A common way of making rum punch is by combining light and dark rum. For this recipe, you’ll also need Cranberry juice in addition to orange juice and pineapple juice.

This one also includes optional seltzer for extra bubbles and fizz.

All you have to do is combine all ingredients in a pitcher, stir, then serve! Garnish with orange slices if you want.

5. Jamaican Rum Punch

Rum isn’t usually associated with a specific region, so flavors will vary from country to country.

But one of the most well-known regions of rum is in the Caribbean, specifically Jamaica. Jamaican rum punch is sweet, citrusy, and bursting with flavor.

You’ll need dark rum for this recipe. If you want to lower the amount of sweetness in this version, you can either reduce the amount of grenadine syrup or use natural fruit juices instead of store-bought fruit punch.

Use coconut rum instead of spiced or dark rum for an even more tropical taste.

Prepare the fruit garnishes in advance to save extra time, or use maraschino cherries and call it a day! Pour each ingredient or mixture one at a time for a nice sunset effect. Garnish and serve!

6. Classic Jamaican Rum Punch

When it comes to flavor, this is a strong one! Overproof liquor refers to beverages with a large amount of alcohol, usually of or greater than 57.5%.

These forms of alcohol are well-known for cocktails because they add a powerful punch to each sip.

This recipe calls for white overproof rum, pineapple juice, and strawberry syrup, all classic ingredients for Jamaican rum punch.

You can add other ingredients like orange juice, fruit punch, or dark rum. Garnish with fresh fruit slices like orange or lemon. Serve over ice.

7. Spiced Jamaican Rum Punch

Enjoy an exotic, tropical vacation in your backyard with this delicious version of rum punch! Spiced rum refers to rum that has aged with various spices and flavors such as vanilla, cinnamon, or even fruit.

Combine spiced rum with fruit punch and you have the perfect summer drink!

Hawaiian Punch is recommended for the punch option, which will blend deliciously with the spices in the spiced rum.

If you’re using a different fruit punch brand and want to add more color to the drink, throw in some red food coloring for an extra colorful presentation.

8. Gold Rum Punch

Gold rum (aka amber rum) is a rum that’s aged in wooden casks for more extended periods of time, resulting in a unique color and a sweet, rich flavor to go with it.

For this recipe, you can use dark rum or gold rum. Use the liquid from a jar of maraschino cherries if you don’t have grenadine.

When you’re ready to serve, start by pouring a small amount of grenadine syrup into each glass. Fill the glass with ice, and pour the rum mixture on top of the ice.

As it blends with the syrup at the bottom, the colors will combine into a cool ombre “sunset” effect. Enjoy!

9. 5-Ingredient Jamaican Rum Punch

Want a super-simple recipe? Here’s the perfect one to try! This recipe calls for store-bought fruit juices to help save you prep time.

For store-bought orange juice, be sure to buy a no-pulp option for an extra smooth texture. Add in one cup of champagne or prosecco for some extra fizzy fun!

If you’re short on time before serving, freeze the rum punch for 5-10 minutes before serving.

Chill or freeze the garnishes if you can as well to help keep rum punch cool.

10. Caribbean Rum Punch

Here’s another traditional recipe for rum punch. Remember, you can customize any rum punch recipe, and this one is loaded with options.

Play around with other ingredients like lemon-lime soda, ginger beer, even vodka or champagne for a unique, one-of-a-kind flavor.

Here’s a trick: freeze some pineapple juice in one or two ice cube trays the night before your party. This will keep the rum punch cool and refreshing without getting watered down by the melting ice. What a perfect refreshment for a hot summer day!

11. Coconut Caribbean Rum Punch

This version of Caribbean rum punch includes a specific brand of rum called Malibu.

This recipe calls for the Caribbean rum with passion fruit liqueur. Combined with coconut rum, this rum punch is one for the books.

This recipe only yields one drink, but you can double or triple the ingredients to make a whole pitcher.

After filling your glass with ice and rum, top it off with some lime juice for even more flavor. Enjoy!

12. Classic Caribbean Rum Punch

Transport yourself to a hammock in the Caribbean with this rum punch! You’ll need dark rum, light rum, and coconut rum with this recipe.

The fruit juices are pineapple, orange, and lime. As always, you can adjust the grenadine for any amount of sweetness you prefer.

You can even add Triple Sec if you want a boost of orange citrus. For an extra chill, you can blend the drink with ice for a snow-cone-like texture. Is it five o’clock yet?

13. Caribbean Rum Punch

Looking for another strong rum punch option? Try this one! Again, we’ve got three types of rum in this recipe: light rum, dark rum, and Triple Sec, which is an orange-flavored liqueur.

You’ll also need two types of cocktail ingredients: a sweet and sour mix and a cream of coconut. Unlike coconut cream, cream of coconut is a thick, syrupy consistency, similar to condensed milk.

As we’ve said before, grenadine is optional, but you won’t want to skip it for this one! Without the bright red color of grenadine, this rum punch cocktail will have a neutral color to it.

Add a burst of color with grenadine, maraschino cherry juice, or red food coloring. Now you’re ready for summer!

14. Hurricane Punch

Made famous in New Orleans, Louisiana, hurricane punch is a renowned cocktail with a sweet, fruity taste you’d traditionally find in rum punch.

Depending on the recipe, you may find a sour flavor along with the sweetness.

For this recipe, you’ll need fruit punch, frozen limeade, orange juice, and light rum.

If you want a stronger rum, go for it! The sky is the limit with experimenting. Add all ingredients together, stir, and serve with ice.

15. Coconut Rum Punch

Who wants some rum punch with an Irish flare? For this recipe, you’ll need coconut rum punch and strawberry whiskey smash. Add in some ginger ale for some bubbly fizz.

Not a fan of coconut rum? Use your favorite brand of rum and add a teaspoon of coconut extract (or coconut cream), and shake it in a cocktail shaker along with pineapple juice before combining all the ingredients.

This recipe has a lighter ratio of rum, but you can add more if you’d like. Just be sure to inform guests. Time to celebrate!

16. Tropical Rum Punch

This is the perfect party drink! The secret ingredient for this recipe is white strawberry cranberry juice, which adds a boost of tart to the sweetness.

You’ll also need peach schnapps, chopped pineapples, sliced oranges, mango cranberry juice, and orange juice.

Looking for a kid’s drink for a luau-themed party? Omit the alcohol, and you’ve got the perfect homemade fruit punch! Garnish with fruit slices, paper straws, or paper umbrellas to get you into the ultimate summer party mood.

17. 5 Minute Tropical Rum Punch

We love easy recipes, and this one only takes five minutes! Unlike aged dark rum, white rum (aka light rum) is generally lighter in color and flavor.

However, white rum is still rich in flavor; it’s just a different aging process than dark rum.

Use freshly squeezed juices instead of store-bought. For a healthier option, use a low- or no-calorie sweetener like Stevia.

To create an alcohol-free beverage known as “virgin rum punch,” substitute the rum with water, and you’re all set for a kid-friendly event. Yum!

18. Strawberry Rum Punch

Hey, strawberry lovers! This recipe is a light, fizzy spin on classical rum punch with a strawberry limeade kick.

Once you’ve combined frozen limeade and frozen strawberry daiquiri with the ginger ale, all you need to do is add in juice from the fruit and stir! Add in slices of fruit for presentation if you want.

If you’re serving this rum punch at a party, add in the rum last, or provide other beverages for guests to choose their preferred addition.

White rum is the main ingredient, but you can provide other options if you want. Whether you provide tequila, spiced rum, or vodka, remember to have fun and be creative. With any punch recipe, the options are endless.

19. Pineapple Rum Punch

Create your ultimate staycation with this pineapple rum punch! Secret ingredients are Malibu rum, pineapple juice, ginger ale, and fresh pineapple for a fun, tropical look.

Just grab a pitcher, pour everything in, and stir! For most rum punch recipes, you can store the leftover drink in the fridge. But only for a day or two since the soda will flatten over time.

Serve in glasses with a pineapple garnish and a paper straw! Done!

20. Pineapple Mango Rum Punch

Ah, mangoes. The smooth, peach-like texture makes mangoes a perfect addition to rum punch.

Yes, you’ll need mango juice, along with orange juice and pineapple coconut juice. You can create a garnish with orange zest instead of traditional fruit slices.

Substitute the coconut rum for light or dark rum to suit your preference.

For a burst of red color, you know what to do: throw in a splash of grenadine for a pretty ombre look.


As you can see, not only are there endless ways to make rum punch, but you can also find endless variations of the rum itself.

So if this is your first time making rum punch, don’t be overwhelmed. Jump in and have fun discovering. And just as a reminder, please drink responsibly!

Have you ever had a rum punch before? What’s your favorite way of making it?

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