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18 Best Crumble Cookie Recipes For Tasty Desserts

Soft, chewy, and full of flavor, Crumble cookies are popular for a good reason. From Key Lime Pie to Peppermint Oreo, Reese’s Cup, Churro, and Crumble announce new flavors every week.

18 Best Crumble Cookie Recipes For Tasty Desserts

Wouldn’t you love to make your version of these cookies?

By making your versions, you’ll get to enjoy them fresh from the oven. Plus, you can adapt the recipe and size of the cookie to match your tastes.

Do you want crunchy peanut butter instead of creamy? Go for it! Or, do you want to add a chocolate drizzle over your cookies? Melt those chips and do it!

Luckily, there is plenty of quality crumble cookie recipes out there that you can use to recreate your favorite flavors.

We’ve put together a list of the best crumble cookie recipes so that you can make these delicious cookies anytime you want!

Are you ready to try them?

1. Salted Caramel Cheesecake Cookie

Like a mini cheesecake heavy on a spectacular graham cracker flavored crust, these amazing cookies make for a decadent, delicious dessert.

What makes these cookies unique is the combination of a quality cookie base and the smooth cream-cheese icing, not to mention a drizzle of caramel and salt!

To make these cookies, you’ll need to leave time for the cookies to cool before adding the icing. But it’s well worth the wait!

If you’re a cheesecake lover but find actual cheesecake recipes intimidating, these cookies are for you. They’re just as good (if not better!) than cheesecake. Enjoy!

2. Crumbl Twix Cookies

Fans of Twix bars will fall in love with these delightful Crumble copycat cookies.

The cookies feature a sugar-cookie base with two toppings, one of caramel and one of chocolate. The chocolate-covered toffee bits add a burst of flavor to the cookie base that will have you begging for more!

These cookies are easy to bake, and the toppings can be added on quickly.

The best part about making these cookies yourself is that you get to decide on the size! Go small for bite-sized treats or make them larger to satisfy your sweet tooth. Either way, these Crumbl copycat cookies are sure to be a favorite.

3. Chocolage Chip Cookies

Ah, the chocolate chip cookie! It is a classic cookie that helped make Crumble bakeries famous.

The secret cookie crumbles recipe has been replicated perfectly by Danelle at Let’s Dish. Large, soft, and full of melted milk chocolate chips, these cookies beg for a glass of milk.

The secret to making this recipe work is the combination of both cake and all-purpose flour, which gives the cookies just the right texture.

So, pick up a bag of cake flour next time you hit the grocery store. The best part is that they are easy to make. You can have them done in 25 minutes from prep to out of the oven!

4. Crumbl Cookies Copycat Recipes

Are you looking for a one-stop-shop for all of the best Crumbl cookie recipes? This is your source for all of the best ideas.

Karli of Cooking with Karli has created an amazing selection of recipes to copycat all of your favorite flavors.

She features everything from the classic chocolate chip cookie and chilled sugar cookie to specialty flavors like peanut butter, cosmic brownie, cookies and cream milkshake, and more.

Is there a Crumbl flavor that’s been out of the rotation for a while, and you’d love to get your hands on it? Karli probably has it on her list.

So, head on over and browse through these spectacular recipes until you find your favorite. You’ll be baking for days!

5. Chocolate Oreo Crumble Cookie

Think about it: a cookie in a cookie. Could there be anything more genius?

With a rich chocolate base and classic cream topping, these cookies are garnished with Oreo crumbs. Yum!

The key to making this recipe work is black cocoa powder. This chocolatey ingredient will give you that famous Oreo color and flavor unlike your average dark cocoa powder.

Be warned. If you make these once, you’ll quickly become addicted and have to make them again and again!

6. Chocolate Cake Cookies

These thick, cakey chocolate cookies come covered in a decadent chocolate frosting that will have you licking your fingers!

If you’re a double chocolate type of person, these are the cookies for you.

What makes the frosting extra-special is that it’s flavored not only with cocoa but also with melted chocolate chips.

It’s heavenly and perfectly mimics Crumbl frosting.

So, get out that apron and go to chocolate town!

7. Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies

If you prefer fruit to chocolate, you’ll fall in love with these fabulous cheesecake-inspired cookies.

Make them ginormous like true Crumbl cookie recipes, or opt for a smaller version that’s just big enough to satisfy your craving.

These cookies include plenty of graham cracker crumbs to give the cookies a strong cheesecake crust vibe.

Then, they’re topped with a light, fluffy cheesecake icing and, of course, a drizzle of raspberry preserves. Once you try them, we’re sure you’ll be making them over and over again.

8. Crumbl Churro Cookies

Hailing from Mexico, churros are a fried dessert covered in sugar and sometimes other toppings like cinnamon or chocolate.

Similar to funnel cakes, churros are traditional street food and are also often found at festivals. The distinguishing factor is golden crisp outside and a chewy, soft center.

So, how do you turn a churro into a cookie?

Crumbl succeeded, but so did You Bring Dessert, who has brought us a fantastic copycat recipe. Get your cinnamon out and get ready to be amazed by these churro cookies!

9. Snickerdoodle Cupcake Cookies

Imagine a snickerdoodle topped with cream cheese filling. That’s what you get when you try this popular crumbl cookie recipe.

Strong on the cinnamon flavor, these cookies are an easy recipe to put together. But, before you get out your mixer, make sure you have the cream of tartar, a key ingredient that gives these cookies that iconic snickerdoodle texture. Enjoy!

10. Birthday Cake Cookies

One of the most popular Crumbl cookie recipes, birthday cake cookies are perfect celebratory cookies. You can even serve them at a party so you can skip the mess of serving cake!

What makes these cookies special is the cookie crumble that’s baked on top of these cookies.

Of course, they also have colorful sprinkles, which bring that birthday cake vibe.

The soft, chewy texture and bright sprinkles are enough to cheer anyone up. So, go ahead and make them even if there are no birthdays on the horizon!

11. Cookies and Cream Cookies

Is your favorite ice cream flavor cookies and cream? If your hand is waving high, then these are the cookies for you!

The cookie base and the icing feature are broken Oreo pieces, giving the cookie that classic flavor. The icing on top brings that creamy sweetness that’s oh-so-special.

There’s a trick to the cream. If you want the flavor of Oreo cream, use Crisco. But, if you love a richer, buttery flavor, use butter.

12. Peanut Butter Cookies

This cookie crumble recipe offers a twist on the classic peanut butter cookie. In addition to a tasty dough, these cookies feature a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth filling.

Although this recipe calls for creamy peanut butter, if you prefer the texture of crunchy peanut butter, go ahead and use it!

Other delicious additions to this cookie might be a chocolate drizzle, crushed peanuts, or a Hershey’s kiss gently pressed into the recently baked cookies.

13. Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Have you ever had whoopie pies? These are wonderfully sweet, homemade sandwich cookies that are similar to Oreos. But, what if you could make whoopie pies that were even closer to that oreo flavor? That’s what these cookies are!

These cookies make use of black cocoa powder instead of regular cocoa powder.

This ingredient offers that classic black color and rich flavor. Plus, these cookies feature crushed Oreo cookies in the filling, bringing that Oreo taste into the cookie.

Are you ready to try these decadent cookies? We’re sure you’ll love them!

14. Raspberry Crumble Cookies

Did someone say raspberry? Inspired by Costco’s bakery, these crumbly cookies are filled with swirls of raspberry jam or preserves.

Sweet, buttery, and soft, these cookies border on muffins. They go perfectly with a steaming cup of coffee, so make a big batch for a special breakfast treat!

This recipe is the best option for an easy cookie that comes together fast. You can go from putting on your apron to biting into a cookie in just 30 minutes. Enjoy!

15. Crumbl Cookies and Cream Milkshake

Served chilled, these cookies are tasty, decadent, and well worth the effort! Featuring a sweet soft dough as a base, the frosting is a smooth buttercream that brings that milky touch.

The trick to making these soft cookies? Cornstarch and crushed Oreos bring excellent flavor and texture that can’t be matched.

Once you make these cookies, you can try and see if they’ll last in the refrigerator for a week…but we are they won’t! They’re just too good to pass up.

16. Blueberry Crumb Cake Cookies

Got blueberries? Then you’re ready to try the best crumble cookie on the planet! Soft, sugary, and packed with flavor, these cookies are best served warm.

This recipe works with the combination of graham cracker, blueberries, and lemon, which is brought out in the lemon glaze.

The trick to making these delicious cookies is using all-fat sour cream. This ingredient ensures a soft texture and rich flavor that can’t be matched!

17. Ultimate Peanut Butter Cookies

Do you love a peanut butter cookie? Then you’ll love these cookies that feature an ooey, gooey center that’s finger-lickin’ good!

Peanut butter cookies are a classic that can be made with either crunchy or creamy peanut butter. Go ahead and make up a batch of these cookies as a special treat to share with friends or family.

Adding the filling to these cookies is quickly done, especially if you make large cookies!

All you have to do is scoop out a ball of cookie dough, use your thumbs to make a hole in it, and add a spoonful of filling. Then, pinch the dough closed around the filling…and you’re set!

You won’t be disappointed by these tasty cookies.

18. Red Velvet with White Chocolate Chips Cookie

Red velvet brings fantastic chocolate flavor and red food coloring to make a gorgeous-looking cookie. Then, the white chocolate chips add that burst of creamy, sweet, vanilla flavor. Now that we think about it, it’s kind of like a backward chocolate chip cookie!

For a quality red velvet cookie, opt for gel coloring instead of the liquid drops, which can unbalance the liquids in the recipe.

Also, don’t skimp on the real butter, as this ingredient brings a quality cookie together.

Are you ready to bake? Preheat that oven and get started!

18 Best Crumble Cookie Recipes For Tasty Desserts

18 Best Crumble Cookie Recipes For Tasty Desserts

Yield: 24
Prep Time: 24 minutes
Total Time: 24 minutes


  • 3.5 oz dried apples
  • 7 oz self-raising flour
  • 3.5 oz unsalted butter , (cold)
  • 3.5 oz caster sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • A pinch of salt


    1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F. Prepare your cookie sheets with parchment paper. Then rub them with olive oil.
    2. Use a food processor to chop the dried apples into small pieces. Then, add the flour, butter, sugar, and a pinch of salt. Pulse until the mixture has a texture of fine crumbs. Set aside 3 tablespoons of the mixture.
    3. Add the egg and pulse until combined. If necessary, scrape down sides and pulse again to make sure everything is fully incorporated.
    4. Roll into 24 balls and press them down onto your cookie sheets. Ideally, cookies should be about 1.5 inches around.
    5. Sprinkle the reserved crumbs over the cookies and press them in lightly.
    6. Bake cookies for 8-10 minutes or until golden brown.
    7. After cooling, transfer the cookies to a cooling rack. Enjoy!

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