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23 Easy Baked Fish Recipes

Many people are trying to incorporate more fish into their diet after so much news about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Fish is a great source of protein and other nutrients and can be sustainably harvested. But often, many people only have one or two recipes for fish and are looking for something new.

The good news is that fish often cooks very quickly and can be prepared, so it is a great option for a weeknight dinner.

There are many variations on baked fish recipes, from crispy breaded fish to fish baked in a luscious sauce. These recipes include common fish like salmon and cod, as well as new twists on shrimp.

If you are looking for fish dinner ideas, this list of wonderful recipes will inspire you! There are so many ways of preparing fish. There is a recipe that will appeal to every taste.

1. Baked Cod with Lemon Garlic Sauce

This scrumptious baked codfish recipe will have your mouth watering! Cod fillets are dredged through a savory lemon sauce and then dipped in a breading.

The fish is then sautéed in olive oil for just a moment. More lemon sauce is added to the pan, which is then transferred into the oven.

The result is flaky white cod with a crisp crust and a wonderful lemon garlic sauce. This would pair wonderfully with rice pilaf and steamed veggies to use up all that luscious sauce!

2. Easy Fish Tacos

If you need to mix up your Taco Tuesdays, look no further! These fish tacos are perfectly light yet filling.

These tacos featured baked fish rather than fried and only take 25 minutes to prepare. This will become one of your go-to healthy fish recipes!

Whitefish is marinated and baked, then served with zippy lime crema and crunchy cabbage slaw. Try warming your tortillas on a cast-iron skillet or open an open flame to take these tacos to the next level!

3. Garlic Butter Oven Baked Tilapia

Here is a classic baked tilapia dish that is low carb, gluten-free, kets-friendly, and so so simple. Flaky tilapia fillets are topped with paprika, thyme, oregano, butter, garlic, and lemon, and then baked.

Within ten minutes, you have a healthy and delicious main dish. Garnish with pepper flakes, parsley, and lemon slices to make this meal photo-worthy.

This easy fish recipe would pair nicely with potatoes and a steamed green vegetable or simple side salad.

4. Salmon Coconut Curry

We all know that salmon is very heart-healthy with its beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. If you love Thai food flavors, you will want to try this recipe! Salmon is sautéed and then set aside.

A rich, flavorful, and aromatic Thai red curry sauce is made with garlic, onions, and coconut milk. Carrots and broccolini add beautiful color.

The salmon finishes cooking in this velvety sauce. A squeeze of lime juice adds brightness, and the dish is garnished with fresh basil and cilantro. This salmon supper is perfect for serving over steamed Jasmine rice or even rice noodles.

5. Halibut with Lemon Caper Sauce

Stop the presses- this is one of the best fish recipes! This halibut recipe is so good you can serve it to company, but so easy, you can make it on a weeknight.

Fresh halibut fillets are sautéed in butter and olive oil, then lemon slices are added. This mixture is then removed, while a buttery wine sauce is prepared in the pan with garlic and capers.

The result is a delicate and sumptuous pan sauce that is the perfect match for the firm white fish.

This dish would be perfect on top of pasta or with crusty bread to mop up the sauce. This recipe also has some great tips for selecting the best fresh halibut!

6. Fisherman’s Soup

Nothing beats a warm, comforting bowl of soup, and this Fisherman’s Soup is no exception! Onion, bell pepper, tomatoes, and potatoes are combined with white fish and shrimp to make this hearty stew.

This dish is seasoned with caraway, paprika, and bay leaves and uses chicken stock, so the taste is not too fishy. And this soup only takes about 30 minutes to prepare, so it is perfect for whipping up on a weeknight or for a casual weekend supper.

Serve this healthy soup with a whole grain roll to round out the meal.

7. Avocado Tuna Salad

Want to elevate a classic tuna salad recipe? This recipe is a real stunner that your taste buds will love! This tuna salad is low in carbohydrates and has plenty of healthy fats from the addition of avocado.

Canned albacore tuna is mixed with mayonnaise. Avocado is mixed with cilantro and lime juice, and salt. Using molding rings, layer the avocado on the bottom, then the tuna salad, and top with bright pico de gallo.

The result is a beautiful green, white, and red salad that looks beautiful when plated on large lettuce leaves. You can serve this dish on its own or add whole-grain crackers to scoop the salads up.

8. Pesto Shrimp Mushroom Pasta

This pasta dish is so delicious. You will make it all the time. First, succulent shrimp are seasoned and sautéed. Then mushrooms are sautéed and then combined with basil pesto and broth.

This is tossed with shrimp and pasta and garnished with fresh basil. It is the perfect dish to make if you love shrimp and have a bountiful basil plant growing in your garden!

9. Brazilian Fish Stew

If you are looking to branch out in the kitchen, this easy Brazilian fish stew, moqueca.

This comforting stew features cod that is simmered in a coconut and tomato broth enhanced with onion, garlic, coriander, and lime.

Sour cream is added for a delicious tangy element. You’d never believe you could get such a complex flavor in only 20 minutes!

While this is a traditional Brazilian recipe, you can easily find the ingredients in your local supermarket.

The cod is the perfect firm-yet-flaky white fish for this stew, but you could use halibut or tilapia. Serve this with delicious stew with chunky bread, rice, and pinto beans.

10. Best Ever Tuna Burgers

That can of tuna in your pantry can go way beyond tuna salad, like these Best Ever Tuna Burgers! These tuna burgers use only 5 simple ingredients that you probably have at home right now.

The tuna can be canned in water or oil. The fish is combined with cracker crumbs, an egg, celery, and mayonnaise and then cooked in a skillet.

These burgers come together so quickly and are the perfect burger on a bun, or you could serve them on a bed of greens similar to a crab cake! A dill mayo sauce or tartar sauce pairs perfectly with these patties.

11. Fish Taco Bowls

These fish taco bowls are perfect for a family dinner, especially if you have picky eaters! They are also paleo and Whole30 compliant, so you can feel great about feeding your family a healthy dinner. Cod fillets are seasoned with a smoky spice mix and sautéed in a skillet, then flaked.

This is placed on cilantro-lime riced cauliflower, cabbage slaw, avocado, pico de Gallo, and a delicious chipotle lime dressing.

These bowls are full of flavor and crunch, and everyone can add what they like, so their bowl is perfectly suited to their taste.

12. Italian Style Tuna Cakes

Here’s another simple yet delicious recipe using just FOUR pantry staples and take only 10 minutes to prepare.

These crispy tuna cakes make a perfect appetizer for dinner parties and pair well with an Alfredo, remoulade, or Mornay sauce for dipping.

Canned solid white albacore tuna mixes eggs and Italian season breadcrumbs, then are sautéed in oil. That’s it!

While these make a perfect appetizer or cocktail snack, they also could be made a bit larger and used as a main course.

13. Tomato Basil Mahi Mahi

Flaky yet firm mahi-mahi fillets are treated with the classic flavors of sun-dried tomatoes and basil. Mahi has a mild flavor, so this is the perfect recipe to serve those who don’t love “fish” taste.

The fish is sautéed in butter, then set aside. Then shallots and garlic are browned in butter, and then sun-dried tomatoes are added.

Basil is added last for that perfect Italian flavor. This sauce is spoon over the fish. This dish goes well with mashed potatoes or rice and roasted asparagus.

14. Southern Fried Catfish

Southern-fried catfish is a classic recipe, and for a good reason. It is one of the most popular white fish recipes around.

The flakey white fish is so tender and contrasts perfectly with the crunchy, crispy cornmeal batter. Fresh catfish fillets are dredged in a mixture of yellow cornmeal, flour, and seasonings, then fried.

By only using a dry breading that sticks with the natural moisture from the fish, the result is perfectly crispy and light-fried fish.

Serve this fried catfish with hot sauce or tartar sauce. This main dish would pair well with creamy potato salad or coleslaw and a fluffy yeast roll.

15. Tomato Coconut Curried Cod

Let this recipe take you away to a beach, far, far away! This recipe combines tomatoes and coconut milk with curry and cod fillets. This recipe only takes 30 minutes, so it is perfect for busy nights.

Garlic and onions are sautéed in olive oil. Then curry powder is added to bring out the flavors. Cherry tomatoes are stewed with vegetable stop and coconut milk. And finally, fresh cod is nestled in and cooked in this flavorful stew.

Lime juice and cilantro add the final touches. This would be perfect served over steamed rice with a tangy coleslaw on the side!

16. Easy Lemon Butter Fish

Lemon butter is a classic flavor for a firm white fish and takes only 20 minutes.

This recipe will work with cod, halibut, or mahi-mahi. Melted butter, lemon juice, and lemon zest, and salt are combined.

The fish is seasoned with salt, paprika, onion and garlic powder, and black pepper.

The fish is then browned in olive oil and then drizzled with some of the lemon butter sauce. Once done, the fish is served with the remaining sauce and can be garnished with fresh parsley or basil and lemon slices.

This is the perfect weeknight dinner but could easily be served to guests. It’s that good!

17. Quick Pan-Fried Tilapia

Here’s an easy and flavorful recipe featuring tender tilapia.

Tilapia filets are seasons with lemon pepper, garlic salt, smoked paprika, and basil cooked in butter and olive oil. Lemon slices are placed on top of each fillet for that extra zip and a pretty presentation.

Tilapia is very affordable and can commonly be found with frozen seafood, so this is a great dish to make using ingredients you have on hand.

This dish goes well with rice pilaf and a steamed vegetable. And best of all, this recipe comes together in 15 minutes!

18. Spicy Lemon Garlic Tilapia

This baked tilapia dish is flavorful and is low-carb and keto-friendly! It comes together in only 20 minutes, so it is perfect for your weeknight recipe rotation.

This recipe is tangy and flavorful, with a small kick of heat! The tilapia is marinated with lemon juice, butter, garlic, hot paprika, salt, and pepper. Then the fish is popped in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

This recipe would also work well with cod, halibut, or mahi-mahi, though the baking time may vary depending on the fish and thickness. There is also a variation listed for grilling on the barbecue, making this a great grilled fish recipe as well!

19. Broiled Tilapia Parmesan for Two

This recipe is simple, easy, and cheesy! Tilapia filets are topped with a mixture of parmesan cheese, butter, mayonnaise, chives, basil, salt, and pepper.

The filets can either be boiled or baked for a perfectly bubbly topping. The cheese mixture adds a ton of flavor while keeping the fish moist and flaky.

Whether you bake or broil this dish, it will be done in less than 20 minutes. Even people who don’t love fish will enjoy this recipe! Pair this with buttered noodles or a simple pasta dish and a steamed vegetable or a simple salad.

20. Baked Parmesan Fish

Here’s another recipe using mayo and parmesan for the perfect fish topping. This recipe can be made with any firm fish.

The fish filets are seasoned with a fish rub. On the side, mayonnaise, parmesan, and garlic powder are combined and then spread on top of each filet. The fish is first baked and then quickly broiled, so the topping is golden brown.

This fish pairs well with steamed asparagus or lemon green beans. It is so simple and makes a great weeknight meal!

21. Smoked Fish Dip

This smoked fish dip is going to be a hit at your next party! If you don’t have your own smoker, you can buy pre-smoked fish and use it to make this dip. Otherwise, this recipe requires only 6 ingredients and 5 minutes and can be made ahead of time. This recipe can also be frozen.

Smoked fish is mixed with mayonnaise, sour cream, Parmesan cheese, Worcestershire sauce, Old Bay seasoning, plus salt and pepper. This dip is perfect for a butter cracker or fresh raw veggies.

22. Crispy Oven-Fried Fish

This crispy oven-fried fish will soon be a family favorite! You’ll never buy fish sticks again.

Firm fish is cut into chunks that are perfect for tiny hands, then dredged the dry seasoned breadcrumb mix, dipped into the egg mix, and then back into the breadcrumb mix again.

The fish pieces are placed on a baking sheet with melted butter. The fish is first baked, then finished under the broiler for that perfect crunch. These are perfect with cocktail sauce or tartar sauce and could be used in a fish sandwich.

23. Easy Fish Cakes

These fish cake patties are easy, crispy, and crunchy! If you have leftover mashed potatoes, keep this recipe handy.

Any fish can be used in this recipe. Once cooked fish is flaked, it is combined with cooked potatoes, milk, cheese, garlic, onion, mustard, chives, and eggs.

Once the cakes are formed, they are rolled in Panko breadcrumbs and then chilled to set. Lastly, they are browned in a pan for the perfect golden brown, crispy fish cake. This recipe is so easy and simple and can be frozen for future use!

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