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23 Easy Pear Recipes You Need to Try

When it comes to a versatile fruit you can use in pies, pancakes, smoothies, and other tasty dishes, you think of apples, of course! But, did you know that pears can be just as versatile as apples? Pears are an often disregarded fruit, but these recipes will have you changing your mind about them fast.

23 Easy Pear Recipes You Need to Try

Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet treat like tarts and muffins, or a healthy way to make pancakes, these pear recipes offer a little something for everyone in your family.

We’ve combed through pear recipe after pear recipe to find you the top 23 best pear recipe ideas for you to try this upcoming autumn season. Whatever you’re in the mood for, these pear dishes certainly don’t disappoint.

1. Caramel Pie Pears

This quick pear dessert is not only tasty but it’s adorable when all is said and done because they can be shaped as tiny pears!

This three-ingredient dish is super simple to make, but if you don’t have caramel, you can swap it out for golden syrup.

While you won’t get the same flavor that you would with caramel, golden syrup offers a similar type of sweetness.

The pears are the secret ingredient, so it’s important to remember to use one that’s designed for baking. We recommend either Barlett or Anjou pears.

2. Italian Pear Almond Cake

If you enjoy warm apple pie during the holidays, then you’ll love these unique recipes with pears. The pears and almonds are a unique, bold combination that’s quite refreshing to eat and overall easy to make.

You can customize this dish to become gluten-free by swapping out the all-purpose flour for gluten-free flour.

The secret ingredient of this dish is the almonds, so whether you grind them yourself or buy from a store, the important thing is to not forget them!

3. Mary Berry’s Pear Frangipane Tart

This delicious pastry is so good that you’re guaranteed to come back for more! Much like our last recipe, the combination of pears and almonds, especially when paired with the rest of the ingredients, provides for a fresh take on a beloved classic.

If you don’t have any almond extract, vanilla extract works just as well.

The secret ingredient here is the apricot jam glaze that adds a little extra sweetness to this delectable dish.

Combine these elements to create a delicious dessert. Conference pairs are recommended for this recipe because of how sweet they are, which is why this tart ranks as one of our top conference pears recipes.

4. Pear Vanilla Jam

Do you love spreading jam on your toast at breakfast? Then, you’ll adore this unique and flavorful recipe.

The combination of jellied pears and vanilla bean taste so sweet together that you’ll surely be going up for seconds.

The vanilla bean is the secret ingredient, so you don’t want to overlook it. However, if you don’t have vanilla beans, you can use vanilla extract instead.

The flavor will still be delicious. In terms of bread, we think this pairs well with something cinnamon flavored.

5. Easy Pear Crisp

Looking for an easy pear recipe to make this weekend? This tasty crisp is not only easy to make, but it’s also easy on the taste buds.

Taking some pears and blending them with several delicious ingredients to make a dessert everyone can enjoy. Our favorite secret ingredient for this one is cinnamon which gives this dessert its sweetness.

If you want something a little different, try serving this one with a scoop of your favorite vanilla ice cream for a little pear crisp a la mode. If you’ve been wondering what to do with pears, this is the recipe for you!

6. Maple Vanilla Baked Pears

Looking for a different take on a sweet pear dessert? Baking pears with the right kind of topping can create a tasty treat.

Coat these pears with some sweet toppings, bake, and you have yourself a dessert worth sharing with others.

If you don’t have pure vanilla extract, you can substitute it for almond extract.

The secret ingredient for this one? We think the maple syrup provides for a nice drizzle that adds a layer of flavor to this wonderful snack.

7. Gorgeous Ginger Pear Tart

Are you looking for pear recipe ideas? Here’s another tasty tart recipe that not only tastes great but looks great and is easy to make.

Your secret ingredient for this one is going to be the sheet of frozen puff pastry.

This is not only going to provide a bed for the rest of your ingredients, but it will also puff up around your pears and provide an excellent crust for your tart.

If you don’t have sanding sugar, you can use the decorator’s sugar or pearl sugar.

8. Pear Streusel Cake

Type “pear recipes cake” into Google and you’ll stumble upon this unique recipe.

There’s nothing quite like a nice streusel with its crumbly goodness that adds texture to your cake.

It takes a great dessert and adds another level to it. If you’re looking for something to swap out in this recipe, we recommend whipped egg whites if you don’t have baking powder handy.

The secret ingredient for this one has to be the cinnamon in the streusel topping.

As you’ve seen from previous entries on our list, you can’t go wrong with a combination of pears and cinnamon. It’s one of our favorite pear dessert recipes.

9. Spiced Chocolate Pear Overnight Oats

This next recipe is great if you’re looking to change up your breakfast a bit, and it’s also easy to prepare.

The mix of pears, oats, and pecans are all given a chance to marinade with each other overnight, which brings out those flavors.

If you don’t like using date paste, you can swap it out for maple syrup to add an extra level of sweetness to the overall flavor.

The secret ingredient here is the almonds, adding a dimension to both the flavor and texture. It’s a great healthy pear recipe that’ll give you a boost of energy to start your day.

10. Cranberry Pear Buttermilk Muffins

We think this recipe for muffins makes for a great muffin to serve with breakfast.

The combination of pears and cranberry, along with the buttermilk makes for a sweet treat to top off your breakfast.

If you don’t have buttermilk, you can add 1 tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice to 1 cup of milk.

The secret recipe for this one is the cranberries, as their sour flavor pairs nicely with the rest of the ingredients to add a level of flavor to these muffins.

11. Healthy-ish Pear Oatmeal Muffins

This healthy muffin recipe is both tasty and easy to make. This mix of pears and oats comes together to create a healthy-ish muffin that makes for a great snack.

Your secret ingredient for this one is going to be the type of pear you use. Anjou pears work great, but your pear of choice will also do. If you don’t have ground cardamom, you can replace it with ground cinnamon.

12. Cinnamon Pear Chips

Looking for a healthier alternative to greasy potato chips? Consisting of only three ingredients, this is easy to make and provides a sweet treat with a potato chip crunch.

If you don’t have granulated sugar, try brown sugar. The secret ingredient here is cinnamon, which will give this treat a lot of its flavor.

While you can make this in a traditional oven, this is also a great treat if you’re looking to take your dehydrator for a spin with a new recipe.

13. Gluten-Free Cinnamon Pear Pancakes

Do you like pancakes? Of course, you do! Who doesn’t like pancakes? Maybe you are looking for a healthy, gluten-free recipe for pancakes?

These pancakes take a tasty breakfast classic and turn it on its head with this healthy variation.

Your secret ingredient in this one is the maple syrup, which provides a sweetness that compliments the cinnamon in its flavor.

If you’re looking to change things up, you can try different kinds of pears to provide different flavor combinations.

14. Spiced Crock Pot Pear Butter

This is a wonderful homemade topping that is great for your favorite breakfast treats.

You take all of the ingredients of this one, throw them into a crockpot for a few hours, blend them, and you have a delicious topping that is great for pancakes, waffles, and even ice cream. If you don’t have brown sugar, regular sugar works just as great.

The secret ingredient here is the lemon juice, whose bitterness brings out the flavors of the other ingredients and makes for a much more delicious topping. It’s one of our favorite cooking pears recipes!

15. Chai Pear Scones

These wonderful scones are not only delicious by themselves but pair nicely with a cup of tea on a nice, quiet Sunday morning or with friends over brunch.

The juicy pear is mixed with several sweet ingredients to create a tasty scone that’s perfect for breakfast (and other times of the day, too!)

The secret ingredient here is the glaze, which adds an extra level of sweetness to this already sweet treat. If you don’t have vanilla extract, almond extract works great as a substitute.

16. Roasted Pears with Balsamic and Honey

There’s been a lot of sweet recipes on this list, but pears make for a great savory treat, as well! These roasted pears paired with balsamic vinegar give a wonderfully browned treat that shows off a different side to pears.

The secret ingredient here is the honey since you can add as much or as little as you want to give it a bit of sweetness.

If you’re looking to substitute something, you can swap the honey for maple syrup to a similar level of sweetness.

17. Fresh Pear Pie Bars

This is a wonderful dessert recipe that takes pie and puts it into bite-size pieces. These delectable squares make for a great treat to take to your next get-together.

The secret ingredient for this sweet treat is the cinnamon that adds some sweet kick to the topping.

If you’re looking for a substitute, you can always go for a homemade, from-scratch pie crust rather than going for something store-bought.

18. Caramelized Pear Pie Filling

While we’ve covered a few different pies on this list, we haven’t quite covered any sort of pie filling.

This pie filling is the perfect match for your next homemade pie and it’s one we highly recommend.

If you’re looking for a substitution for this one, you can swap out the cornstarch for a healthier alternative like rice flour, without sacrificing flavor.

The secret ingredient here is the nutmeg, which adds dimension to the overall flavor of this pie filling.

19. Spiced Pear Bread

You’ve heard of banana bread. You’ve heard of pumpkin bread. But have you heard of pear bread?

Here’s a recipe for delicious pear bread that you’ll want to share with your loved ones.

The secret recipe here is the chopped pecans, which not only give flavor to this recipe but add texture.

If you’re looking for a substitution, you should be able to swap the vegetable oil for olive oil without affecting the overall flavor of this recipe. It’s a unique recipe the whole family will enjoy.

20. Walnut Pear Flatbread

This healthy, easy-to-make recipe is a great take on a flatbread pizza (and who doesn’t love pizza, right?) This makes for a healthy take on a classic dish by baking pears together with several other healthy ingredients.

The secret ingredient here is the type of flatbread you go for. The type of flatbread will determine not only the texture but some of the flavor.

If you’re looking for a great substitution, swap the gorgonzola cheese for something like feta or goat cheese.

21. Pear Upside Down Cake

This next recipe will have you flipping over in excitement (pun intended). This delicious upside-down cake is wonderfully sweet and features a caramel-ish topping made from pears!

Your secret ingredient in this one is going to be the use of coconut, which adds a sweet and nutty flavor to this dish.

If you’re looking for something to swap out, we recommend swapping the vanilla extract for an almond extract for a similar flavor profile. Plus, the combination of almond and pears are just as tasty!

22. Pear Blueberry Vanilla Clafoutis

This is a wonderful twist on a classic rustic French dessert. This one is super easy to make and is the perfect dessert to bring out the next time you have company over for dinner or host a birthday party or special gathering.

Your secret ingredient here is going to be the blueberries, which pair with the pears to create a sweet combination for this excellent dessert. Don’t have vanilla bean seeds? Don’t worry. Just use vanilla extract for the same effect.

23. Glazed Pear Martini

We end our list with a drink to cap off the night with. This martini tastes wonderful and might become your drink of choice after you try it for the first time.

The secret ingredient here is the limoncello, which when paired with the pear vodka, creates a sweet drink that’s sure to keep you coming back for more.

If you’re looking to change things up, making a simple syrup from maple syrup rather than honey can add sweetness to the drink without being overbearing.

23 Easy Pear Recipes You Need to Try

23 Easy Pear Recipes You Need to Try

Yield: 4
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Caramel Pie Pears


  • 2 pears (halved, cored, and peeled)
  • ½ cup of caramel sauce (or golden syrup as a substitute)
  • 1 Pillsbury Pie Crust (or 14.1 ounces of a different brand)
  • Parchment paper


  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F
  2. Cut the pie crust into 4 quarters and place each halved pear inside each quarter.
  3. Roll the dough around each slice to create a pear-shaped crust
  4. Cut a small piece of leftover dough into the shape of a leaf and put it at the top of the pear-shaped dough
  5. Transfer each pear to a sheet of parchment paper-lined baking sheet
  6. Drizzle a tablespoon of caramel sauce over each piece of dough
  7. Bake for 25-35 minutes or until golden brown
  8. Drizzle more caramel sauce on the top, if preferred, then serve

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