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35 Easy Cottage Cheese Recipes

Ah, cottage cheese. It is one of the most versatile ingredients that’s often underappreciated and underused. It’s a great food item that meshes well with nearly any spices and flavor. Plus, there are many easy cottage cheese recipes that you can make at home.

35 Easy Cottage Cheese Recipes

One of the best parts is that you can include it in sweet and savory dishes, unlike some ingredients that only work well one way or the other.

Think about your favorite cottage cheese recipes – when was the last time you used it for a tasty meal?

If you can’t remember, it’s time to grab your mixing bowl and spoon and head to the recipes for some inspiration.

Below you’ll find 35 of the yummiest cottage cheese recipes to try this week. It’s enough recipes to have cottage cheese every day, sometimes even twice a day! It’s the perfect amount of meals for cheese lovers of all age groups.

1. Savory Cottage Cheese Bowl

This tasty savory take on cottage cheese is perfect as a snack or for a quick, healthy meal. Crunchy chopped veggies on top add a nice contrast to the creamy cottage cheese.

The shelled pistachios add an unexpected touch to the bowl. They provide an extra crunch as you’re eating and a nice flavor to the whole meal.

You can easily swap these out for pine nuts instead. You’ll still get the crunch, but you can avoid the pistachios.

2. Keto-Friendly Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Looking for a way to add some extra protein to your pancakes? Look no further! This breakfast meal provides both a keto-friendly and protein-packed option to take your sweet pancakes to the next level.

The cottage cheese itself is the surprise ingredient. Most people would not think to add it into pancakes, though it creates a nice texture.

Not a fan of mixing cottage cheese into your pancake batter? Switch it up with Greek yogurt or even keto-friendly protein powder.

3. Cottage Cheese Jello Salad

Here’s one of the best jello recipes you’ll find on the internet. It combines sweet jello with cottage cheese and fruit for the ultimate, light dessert.

The crushed pineapple is the secret ingredient. It adds a delicious texture and sweet, tropical flavor to this jello treat.

You can substitute any crushed or canned fruit instead of the pineapple. If you want a sweeter dessert, try using cherry pie filling instead. You can’t go wrong with whatever fruit you choose to use.

4. Cottage Cheese Lasagna

You’ve heard of using ricotta cheese in lasagna, but what about cottage cheese? It’s a similar concept that adds a slightly different texture. Ricotta tends to be smaller pieces of cheese, while cottage cheese adds larger, bolder pieces.

Beyond the surprising cottage cheese, another cheese is included in this dish that is also unexpected. That would be the Swiss cheese.

Swiss cheese has quite a strong flavor and can add a punch to the dish. If it’s not your kind of cheese, use parmesan instead.

It will provide more of an Italian flavor to the lasagna.

5. Quick Cottage Cheese Buns

This is easily one of the most unique cottage cheese dessert recipes. You’ll be whipping up light, sweet bread buns with cottage cheese added right into them!

Unexpectedly, this recipe includes white vinegar in the dough. It helps cut the sweetness of the sugar-coated buns.

Try it with lime juice instead for a boost of fruity flavor. This is a recipe to add to keep on hand when you’re craving a tasty and quick sweet treat. They’ll remind you of larger donut holes with a twist.

6. Pink Strawberry Fluff Salad

Who knew there could be so many different cottage cheese recipes? This one is similar to the above sweet jello salad, but strawberry flavored!

The surprise addition of sliced strawberries in the dish provides a fresh flavor to the strawberry jello. It’s a sweet, cool dessert that is perfect for summertime and bbq season.

You can use a sliced banana instead as the garnish. Or, pair it with your favorite fruit. Mix it up by drizzling some chocolate sauce on top for extra sweetness.

7. Cottage Cheese Cornbread

Let’s continue with the theme of cottage cheese and bread with this savory cornbread offering. Once you’ve had this recipe, you’ll never be able to go back to standard cornbread. The cottage cheese almost disappears into the rest of the cornbread, making it extremely moist and yummy.

Sugar is the secret ingredient in this masterpiece. It’s typically used in the southern version of cornbread and is what gives it that extra pizzazz.

Instead, you can use honey for a slightly different, sweeter flavor that meshes perfectly with the other ingredients.

8. Saucy Spinach and Cottage Cheese Stuffed Chicken

This is a great dish if you’re looking for a way to add more protein to a meal. You’ll be adding both low-fat cottage cheese and part-skim mozzarella, so it’s extra cheesy and gooey but lower calorie than with full-fat cheese.

I bet you weren’t expecting to see baby spinach on the ingredient list for this one. Surprise, it adds a nice bit of greens into the dish.

Try switching it with mushrooms for a different flavor. If you like mushrooms on your pizza, you’ll be a fan.

9. Breakfast Cheesecake

Two words – breakfast and cheesecake. Anything that allows you to eat dessert for breakfast is a total win in our book. It’s also healthier as it avoids sour cream and cream cheese like typical cheesecake recipes would use.

So, what makes this recipe so creamy and cheesecake-like? It’s the Greek yogurt that’s added in. It helps provide that thick consistency you’d expect in a cheesecake.

You can use any thicker yogurt instead of Greek yogurt, as long as the consistency is the same. If you want to spice it up, try a flavored yogurt.

10. California Cottage Cheese Bowl

This is one of the simplest and healthiest recipes with cottage cheese. It’s similar to the first cottage cheese bowl recipe above, with a California flair provided by different toppings. Tomatoes add sweetness to the dish.

What stands out is the avocado sliced on top of the cottage cheese bowl. This unexpected ingredient adds an extra creaminess to the dish.

Pesto or hummus will are both excellent substitutes for avocado. They’ll provide extra tastiness to the bowl.

11. Cottage Cheese Omelet

Of course, cottage cheese and omelets go together! They’re known for having cheesy fillings, so it just makes sense. This simple recipe creates a tasty breakfast dish that you’ll love recreating every morning.

Spinach is, again, the unexpected ingredient in this menu item. Spinach is not for everyone; if that’s true for you, switch it out for sliced heirloom tomatoes.

Add some chopped bacon to the top of the omelet for a nice crunch.

12. Cottage Cheese Chicken Salad Sandwich

Are you wondering what to make with cottage cheese? Try out this recipe for cottage cheese chicken salad sandwiches. It’s similar to a chicken salad sandwich you may find in the store except with the addition of cottage cheese.

Surprise! It also includes red grapes, which give sweetness and slight juiciness to the chicken salad.

You can also swap the red grapes out for thinly sliced apples. This turns it into the perfect fall version of a chicken salad sandwich.

13. Cottage Cheese Alfredo

Your family will have no idea you added cottage cheese to make this alfredo dish. It’s a healthier alternative to using heavy cream for the sauce. Don’t worry; you’ll still get a deliciously cheesy taste and a creamy sauce.

Of course, the secret (or not so secret) food item is cottage cheese. As mentioned, it takes the place of the heavy cream in the sauce. Corn starch helps thicken the sauce to a typical alfredo sauce consistency.

If you’re not worried about the calories or fat, you can switch it out for heavy cream instead.

14. Egg White Omelet Spinach and Cottage Cheese

Sprucing up egg white omelets can be a feat in and of itself – especially if you’re trying to keep it on the healthier side. This is one of the simplest dishes that incorporate cottage cheese and a good amount of flavor.

In this recipe, parmesan is the unexpected ingredient. It helps add extra flavor and cheesiness to the omelet.

Switch the parmesan out for other similar cheeses like asiago cheese. You can even switch it with cheddar cheese (low fat).

15. Tuna Salad Sandwich

Do you remember eating tuna salad sandwiches for lunch during middle school? They’re still just as tasty as you remember.

This one packs a lot of flavor due to fresh dill, red onion, lemon juice, and capers.

Of course, you would expect tuna salad to include tuna. However, this recipe uses tuna in oil, and you won’t be straining the oil off. Surprised?

If you’re looking for a lighter version – use tuna in water and strain the water. The tuna salad will be moist enough with mayonnaise, cottage cheese, and lemon juice.

16. Ranch Cottage Cheese Dip

Have you been trying to think up new dip inspiration for your next get-together? This recipe is one of the tastiest ranch dip ideas.

Plus, you’re able to cut some of the fat out that you normally would be consuming. It’s a win-win situation.

Here’s the unexpected ingredient – Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix. You would think it works best with the dip mix, but this version requires the dressing mix.

Swap out the ranch dressing mix for a buffalo dip mix to spice things up.

17. Million Dollar Chicken Casserole

You can never have too many chicken casserole recipes! This million-dollar chicken casserole is quick to throw together and incredibly tasty. You won’t have any leftovers after creating this dish.

Part of what makes this meal so yummy is the surprising addition of Ritz crackers as a topping. This is quite an unusual garnish, yet it adds a buttery flavor that is unmatched.

You can also switch gears to a more traditional version by using breadcrumbs. Try it with seasoned Italian crumbs for a new taste.

18. Lime Green Jello Salad Recipe

Once you’ve had cottage cheese with jello and pineapple, there’s no going back. It’s such a tasty combination of flavors and doesn’t require many ingredients. This is another one of the best jello recipes.

Mayo is added to make the dish extra creamy. It’s a surprising ingredient that you can’t taste once it’s mixed with the other ingredients.

Swap the mayo out with cream cheese for a denser jello salad. It will be slightly more difficult to stir, but it’s worth the effort.

19. Creamy No-Boil Macaroni and Cheese

Any recipe that avoids waiting for water to boil is a total win. Cottage cheese, milk, and cheddar cheese are what help create the creaminess found in this dish.

Part of the flavor comes from the surprising addition of dijon mustard. It provides a slight heat and some extra saltiness.

For those looking for something more out of the box – try adding in a small amount of horseradish sauce instead. You’ll still get that heat you’re looking for.

20. Cottage Cheese Alfredo Chickpea Pasta

Do you want an even healthier version of alfredo pasta? Give this dish a try. The cottage cheese alfredo sauce is poured over chickpea pasta for an added dose of protein.

Surely you’re used to garlic and parsley in alfredo, but what about nutmeg? This unexpected spice adds a nuttiness and woodiness to the dish.

Don’t have nutmeg available? Use mace instead. It will provide a similar flavor to the alfredo sauce.

21. Keto Breakfast Muffins

Trying to stay on a keto diet can be tricky, especially when you can’t eat bread items. This is one of many recipes using cottage cheese that proves you can be keto and still eat tasty muffins. Now, you won’t have to choose one or the other.

Coconut flour and almond flour are the surprise ingredients in these muffins. They help keep the dish keto-friendly.

You can switch the above flours for keto whole wheat flour instead. It will still be keto-friendly.

22. Cottage Cheese Egg Salad

We’ve covered tuna salad and chicken salad, so why not egg salad? With the texture of the eggs, you won’t even know there’s cottage cheese mixed in. This is great for even your pickiest eaters.

There’s a surprise herb in this egg salad that makes it even yummier – it’s the dried dill. Dill is a personal favorite because it seems like it can go with any savory dish.

Parsley is a great alternative to the dill. Plus, it’s easy to find on the store shelves.

23. Cottage Cheese and Egg Muffins

Want to have another muffin recipe that you can add to your repertoire? Here’s the perfect dish to make for breakfast.

This one also includes standard flour, which may or may not be surprising. However, it does not make this tasty recipe gluten-free.

If you need a gluten-free alternative, you can easily change the regular flour for a gluten-free version.

24. Green Chili Egg Casserole

Egg casserole is a household favorite. It’s similar to quiche, without the pastry dough crust that quiche typically comes with.

This is a great option for breakfast, plus you can refrigerate it overnight after baking for a great reheat meal.

Green chilis are not typically included in casseroles. Though, they add a yummy flavor and slight spiciness to the dish.

Try switching to jalapeños for even more of a kick. Make sure you remove the seeds as that may make the meal too spicy.

25. Cottage Cheese Smoothie

Did you know you could add cottage cheese to a smoothie? Yes, really! This is a perfect way to get more protein into your diet without buying expensive protein powders.

Cottage cheese with strawberries is the special ingredient in this recipe. Most often, people will skim over the flavored cottage cheese containers. Here’s your chance to try it out!

You can also swap the cottage cheese with strawberry-flavored yogurt for that creamy texture. Give it a try and see what you think!

26. Healthy Cheesecake With Cottage Cheese

You can never have enough cheesecake recipes. Especially recipes that are healthy alternatives. This yummy dish is covered in a sweet, berry jam so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on regular cheesecake.

Unexpectedly, black currant is the berry chosen for this dessert. It’s not as common of a berry to use, but it’s just as tasty.

If it’s too hard to find black currents at your local store, you can choose any type of berry to substitute. Try it with blackberries or blueberries.

27. Cottage Cheese Waffles With Oats

I bet you’re wondering how on earth you can make cottage cheese waffle recipes. Well, we’re here to say it’s both possible and delightful. This simple recipe only requires five ingredients and will take you less than 15 minutes from start to finish.

The secret ingredient? Oats. It’s what helps the waffle batter stick together.

You can substitute the oats for both oat flour and gluten-free oats. You’ll still be able to achieve the delicious final result.

28. High Protein Chocolate Pudding

Yes, you can make high protein and high fiber chocolate pudding! This recipe uses natural ingredients to produce a stellar dessert without refined sugar.

Chia seeds are the surprise food item that creates the base for this pudding. They add fiber into this dish and create a thick, gooey consistency.

You can also use linseed/flaxseed. It should provide a good base for pudding as well.

This is a great make-ahead dish. Put together a large amount that you can serve in separate bowls, and you’ll have dessert set for a few days.

29. Savory Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowl

Still, asking yourself, what can I make with cottage cheese? How about another savory cottage cheese breakfast bowl? This bowl is somewhere between a breakfast bowl and a NY-style bagel due to the toppings.

The lox, or smoked salmon, is what adds pizzazz to this dish and makes it “bagel-like.” It adds protein and a delicious smoky flavor to create a yummy dish.

To change it into a lunch dish, swap out the lox for cooked or baked salmon. Or, you can add an extra soft-boiled egg instead of the fish.

30. Amish Breakfast Casserole

Casseroles are the perfect dish for any meal. They’re a favorite simply because they’re quick to throw together, and most can be prepared the night before. This yummy breakfast casserole is cheesy, gooey, and filled with hashbrowns – it’s the ultimate combination.

Bacon is the unexpected food in this dish. It’s one of those ingredients that just makes any dish taste better.
Of course, you can substitute vegetarian bacon if you’re avoiding meat. Or, try it with ham instead.

31. Garlic Herb Whipped Cottage Cheese Dip

Anything that has garlic and herb in the title is an automatic yes from me! This recipe is budget-friendly and full of flavor.

Plus, most people have these ingredients in their spice drawer already!

What you may be missing – is the lemon juice. This surprising ingredient keeps the dip light and balances out the creaminess of the cottage cheese.

You can sub the lemon juice for lime juice if you already have that on hand! Serve it with fries for the perfect dip.

32. Skinny Mexican Cottage Cheese Dip

Mexican food is not always known as being the healthiest. Now, you can enjoy the taste of Mexican food without the guilt!

This yummy cottage cheese dip has everything you love about Mexican food combined into one. You’ll find avocado, black beans, corn, and jalapeños in here – making it the best Mexican-style dip ever.

Don’t forget to add sriracha in for some extra heat! This is the secret ingredient that pushes the dip to the next level.
You can swap the sriracha for your favorite hot sauce like Tobasco.

33. Easy Stuffed Shells

Can you think of anyone who doesn’t love stuffed shells? The combination of pasta and cheese is always a winner, that’s for sure.

This recipe combines parmesan, whipped cottage cheese, and mozzarella for the ultimate cheesy pasta dish.

Fresh basil leaves are the showstopper in this dish. The combination of cheese, marinara, and pasta is elevated with the addition of basil.

You can also use fresh oregano and tarragon as a substitute for basil.

34. Cottage Cheese Muffins

For good measure, here’s one more recipe for cottage cheese muffins. This version is perfect for breakfast or an on-the-go snack. It includes cheddar, eggs, cottage cheese, and seasoning – almost like a mini egg casserole.

The addition of broccoli is a surprise in each muffin. It’s a great way to get a green veggie into your diet.

You can also substitute the broccoli for spinach, tomatoes, or even sliced-up asparagus. Top the muffins with some parmesan cheese for an extra yummy flavor.

35. Honey Walnut Raspberry Cottage Cheese Bowl

Running late for work and need to whip up a breakfast dish in a few minutes? This tasty dish is bound to become your new favorite last-minute breakfast. It’s tasty, healthy, and filling.

Walnuts are what help make this dish filling. Plus, they have many health benefits like improving heart function and skin.

They balance the whipped cottage cheese, honey, and raspberries perfectly.

Don’t have walnuts in your cupboard? You can also grab pecans or even almonds to top your cottage cheese bowl with.

Now that you have a wide array of cottage cheese-based recipes, it’s time to get cooking! With 35 new recipes to try out, you’ll never get bored. Stock up on cottage cheese and have at it!

35 Easy Cottage Cheese Recipes

35 Easy Cottage Cheese Recipes

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Cottage Cheese Recipe


  • ¾ cup cottage cheese
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 8 halved grape tomatoes
  • 2 tbsp minced chives
  • ½ medium bell pepper
  • ½ cup sliced Persian cucumbers
  • 1 tbsp chopped
  • Kosher salt


  1. Add the cottage cheese, chives, and black pepper to a bowl and mix well—season to taste.
  2. Arrange your sliced vegetables on top of your cottage cheese in layers. Then, add the second section of chives and pistachios as a topping.
  3. Add another dose of black pepper and salt to the top to your liking.

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