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14 Best Purple Potato Recipes

Purple potato recipes are having a hugely popular moment right now. Fall weather is the perfect time to introduce these beautiful purple potatoes into your recipe roundup. In these recipes, we will cover some awesome ways that you can cook purple potatoes.

Purple potatoes are a great way to add a splash of color to your next dinner! I hear people tell me that they don’t know what to do with purple potatoes. Here we have 14 fun-filled recipes for you to try that all have to do with purple potato recipes.

You can also try mixing them with some other potatoes for fun variety! Purple potatoes are at their most vibrant after cooking, so if you think the potatoes are bright purple during your mealtime prep, wait to see them when everything is cooked!

Follow along for a showcase of some of our very favorite purple potato recipes! I know each of our purple potato recipes will be a smash hit at your next holiday meal!

1. Roasted Purple Potatoes

Purple potato recipes look beautiful as a side dish, or it’s very own main course for the favorite vegetarian in your life.

These bad boys are lightly coated in olive oil and seasoning and roasted to purple potato perfection!

This recipe goes from your counter to your mouth in about 30 minutes.

When purple potatoes are roasted, their beautiful purple color deeps in intensity. Whoa!

2. Purple Sweet Potato Fries with Tahini Sauce

This easy purple potato recipe is the perfect way to spruce up regular fries.

This recipe also includes a bonus recipe-one for a tahini dipping sauce!

These easy purple potato fries are great as a side dish to a burger or sandwich.

This recipe calls for baking these fries in the oven. If you want to make it even more accessible (and less mess, too!), try them in your air fryer! They crisp up beautifully! Your french-fry-loving small fries will love these!

3. Purple Mashed Potatoes

Another easy purple potato recipe almost looks like ice cream!

Purple potatoes are boiled until fork-tender, then mashed with butter, milk, and salt in this easy recipe. Feel free to add in your secret ingredients like garlic salt, pepper, or parsley.

You could even add a spoonful of cream cheese or sour cream to add to the luxurious creamy mouth feel. Play around with what flavors work for you and your family.

4. Purple Sweet Potato Cashew Cream Soup.

Wow! This recipe title is a mouthful! That’s okay because that is exactly what you will want to do with this recipe—put spoonfuls right into your mouth!

This delicious purple potato recipe will have your guests clamoring for the recipe.

This recipe serves two people but feels free to double or triple it. Trust me. You’re going to want to!

This purple potato recipe tastes otherworldly with olive oil, zucchini, onion, garlic, and ginger.

The purple from these potatoes almost looks fake—the color is that vibrant!

5. Purple Sweet Potato Muffins

If you thought that muffins were only for breakfast, you would be wrong.

This easy purple potato recipe takes everything you thought about muffins and kicks it up a notch.

This purple potato recipe tastes best when let to cool on the counter for a while.

They keep well and taste amazing a few days later. The naturally occurring sugars found in sweet potatoes make this recipe sweet without being too sweet.

There are soo many variations you can make this versatile recipe to fit your taste buds. Check it out! You could even whip up a fancy cream cheese glaze to drizzle on top!

6. Spicy Purple Potato Salad

These vibrant and vivacious purple potatoes are kissed with a splash of vinegar to brighter up any dish it accompanies.

There is a burst of sweet heat from diced jalapeños that is cooled by a helping of crumbled cheese.

This purple potato dish is awesome on its own or served next to a plate of tacos! You can also try adding in a few of your special touches-try some black beans or small pieces of cubed mango.

The mango would pair well with the sweet heat from the jalapeño! Add in what you think your diners will like best!

7. Purple Sweet Potato Kaya Buns

Did you know that kaya buns are steamed buns? Kaya buns are traditionally made with a sweet jam of coconut and eggs.

In this recipe, you can make your homemade filling or use a bottle of store-bought kaya filling (check out your local Asian grocer). The dough is made from steaming sweet potatoes until soft and then mashing.

This purple potato recipe then combines the potato, bread flour, sugar, salt, and instant yeast to yield a delicious potato bread dough made in your bread maker.

Once the dough has been proofed in the bread maker, take the dough out and divide it into 9 servings.

Placing a scoop of kaya in the middle and sealing, you then bake the dough for 15 minutes. You can top it with pumpkin or sesame seeds!

8. Sweet Potato Pie with Gingerbread Crust

The sweet potato recipe almost looks too good to eat! The beautiful hue to the purple pie looks gorgeous against the brown gingerbread crust!

This recipe takes your regular sweet potato pie and adds soo much more by using purple potatoes instead of regular sweet potatoes.

Few people think to use purple sweet potatoes for their thanksgiving pie.

Adding the streusel layer on top of the pie filling feels like the perfect way to give the nod to the ol’ Thanksgiving standby of pumpkin pie.

The gingerbread crust is a perfect way to blend some new spices into your regular spice rotation. This pie is the perfect recipe to round out your Thanksgiving feast!

9. Roasted Purple Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes are such a versatile food. They can be smashed, roasted, baked, and fried, among other things. In this purple potato recipe, you take your purple sweet potatoes and boil for about 15 minutes until tender.

You’ll then take them from the boiling water and blot them dry. It is at this time you’ll smash them with a fork or spoon.

These perfect purple potatoes then are covered with butter, salt, rosemary, and garlic and broiled for ten more minutes.

Your kitchen will smell just like a hip restaurant. This dish is a perfect accompaniment to a roast on a cool fall evening.

10. Purple Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Cilantro Mint Chutney

What better way to ramp up a boring gnocchi recipe than with the use of purple potatoes?

These purple potatoes bring a beautiful burst of color into an otherwise visually boring dish.

Many people are intimidated by gnocchi when they shouldn’t be. One tid-bit that can make or break this recipe is to ensure the potatoes are mashed super well before adding in the flour.

The mint chutney is a breeze to make; all you need is some mint, cilantro, lime, olive oil, salt, and canned coconut milk.

If the coconut milk is too exotic or you have a hard time finding it at your grocery, feel free to leave it out! The mint dances beautifully on your palate when married to the lightly sweetened gnocchi. Enjoy!

11. Purple Potato Breakfast Skillet

I love eggs, and I love potatoes, and when you combine the two, it is a match made in brunch heaven.

This skillet is easily thrown together when you are rummaging in the fridge for something yummy to make.

While you could make this skillet with any potatoes, we think using purple ones is going to get you the most vibrant insta-worthy pics.

This recipe can be made in a skillet or sized up to be made to feed a crowd. When it comes down to it, all you need are your purple potatoes, pancetta or bacon, olive oil, and some spices that you already have on hand. Add in your eggs and get crackin’!

12. Purple Potato Salad

Most people think of leafy greens and crunch vegetables when they hear the word salad. We are not most people.

We know that sometimes salads are full of pieces of potatoes and a cool and creamy dressing. In this salad recipe, we use our beautiful purple potatoes.

Here in this recipe, we try to omit the use of mayo and use olive oil instead. Another quick tip here-if you use eggs in the recipe. They will be discolored from the purple potatoes.

If you want this salad to wow a crowd in your life, add the eggs in at the very end of your prep process.

13. Purple Potato Salad

Here we have yet another purple potato salad. We sure love our potato salads around here!

This is another recipe that calls for the use of both potatoes and eggs again but this time without heavy oils like mayo.

This recipe is best for making eggs that still have a creamy, dreamy center. This is another fabulous recipe to play around with to see what herbs and spices are best to your liking.

We love to make this recipe with dill, salt, pepper, and pine nuts, but you use what you want!

14. Sweet Potatoes with Vegan Cheese Sauce

Before you get worried about the vegan cheese sauce, let me tell you that this recipe is a home run.

These light ‘n fluffy purple potatoes are stuffed with broccoli and a vegan cheese sauce like authentic cheese sauce.

We love using perfect purple potatoes because it adds that little extra “oomph” that we love to craft in our recipes. Who likes boring? Not us! Have you ever made vegan cheese sauce before?

Here we get the creaminess from the use of sunflower seeds and cauliflower. Of course, if you have a tried and true vegan cheese recipe, you can always substitute it out.

Many other vegan cheese sauces are made with cashews, so this recipe is perfect for those nut-allergists in your life!

You can always whip up a double batch to keep in the fridge to serve with chips during the next fall football game.

14 Best Purple Potato Recipes

14 Best Purple Potato Recipes

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes


  • 1 lb baby purple potatoes - scrubbed
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 tbsps extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 to 3 tsp fresh rosemary leaves - chopped
  • 1/4 c pitted kalamata olives - cut into thin slivers


    1. Scrub 1 pound of purple potatoes.
    2. Put potatoes in a large pot and cover with water. Make sure water is 2 inches higher than the potatoes.
    3. Season water with salt.
    4. Bring potatoes and water to boil over high heat
    5. Once boiling, turn the heat down for a continuous simmer.
    6. Simmer a pot of potatoes until potatoes are easily pierced. This will be approximately 20 minutes.
    7. Heat rosemary and oil in skillet and heat on medium. Do not allow to burn.
    8. Once rosemary is sizzling in oil cook for 1 minute and remove from heat to cool.
    9. After potatoes have softened in the large pot of salted water, drain water.
    10. Once cool enough to handle cut the purple potatoes into quarters.
    11. Toss potatoes with the rosemary scented oil and add in ¼ cup of pitted Kalamata olives.
    12. Season with pepper and salt. Serve and enjoy!

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