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30 Recipes to use up leftover egg yolks

Sometimes, after you have finished making a meal you find you have leftover ingredients. Dried ingredients can last for some time but if you have leftovers like egg yolks, it’s better to use them sooner rather than later.

Recipes to use up leftover egg yolks

Recipes that require egg whites only, such as those for meringues, may leave you wondering what to do with the leftover egg yolks.

There are plenty of uses for egg yolks so there is no need to waste them. Instead, you can repurpose them into a lovely new snack, meal, or dessert.

So, want to know what to make with egg yolks? Whether you’re in the mood for cakes, cookies, or custard, these egg yolk recipes demonstrate there are possibilities beyond the humble omelet. Let’s get cracking!

1- Egg Yolk Sponge Cake

Eggs are a common and often essential ingredient when making cakes. It makes sense then, that when trying to find recipes with egg yolks, a cake recipe would be high on the list.

The egg yolks in this sponge cake are combined with the usual flour, baking powder, and sugar combinations, with a zesty little addition. Orange juice and lemon extract give the sponge its citrus flavor although other substitutes like vanilla extract or coconut can be used to suit a variety of tastes.

With a little mixing and baking, you will soon have a moist and yummy sponge to enjoy as a light dessert.

2- Egg Yolk Cookies

Do you like cookies? Good, because now you have a fabulous excuse to make a batch. You are using up leftover egg yolks. That’s just sensible. These chocolate chip cookies are rich, chewy treats that everyone will love.

The egg yolks create a tasty, soft-baked result when mixed with butter, sugar, and flour. Then before baking, mix in chocolate chips or any other addition you prefer such as nuts or M&M’s.

This is a simple recipe that can be easily customized. So, experiment and find your perfect cookie combination!

3- Creme Brulee

This dessert is a creamy classic that is perfect for when you want to use up those leftover egg yolks. More egg yolks equal a richer taste.

You will also need cream, sugar, and vanilla paste to create the creamy custard which is then baked and chilled. To create that signature caramelized topping you’ll need a torch too to brown the sugar.

The effort put into creating this delicious dessert is rewarded the moment you hear the satisfying crack of the topping leading you to the rich custard beneath. It might be time to invest in a torch.

4- Homemade Custard

Custard is a smooth, creamy delight used to enhance other desserts or enjoyed solo. This homemade pastry cream variation creates a sweet, thick custard without a store-bought powder in sight.

Leftover egg yolks are joined by butter, milk, cornstarch, and vanilla bean, though vanilla extract can be used instead. These ingredients just need to be heated on the hob and gradually combined. Simple!

You can use this homemade custard to perk up a pastry or serve it with a few berries for a sweet solo snack. Life is just that little bit better with added custard. Go ahead, try it yourself!

5- Lemon Curd

Do you like a tangy, creamy spread that can liven up anything, from scones to meringues? Then this lemon curd recipe is just what you need. You will of course need to use those leftover egg yolks, along with only 4 other ingredients.

The egg, fresh lemons, butter, and sugar are whisked together but never over direct heat. This should be done using a double boiler or bowls resting in pans of boiling water. Once it reaches the right consistency, you are good to go.

This tart and tasty curd is a versatile spread to have ready in your kitchen. Let it work its magic.

6- Duchess Potatoes

Sometimes egg yolks in a recipe are used to improve an already established foodstuff. In this instance, leftover egg yolks can make something extra special out of a savory food. Mashed potato. Intrigued? Read on.

A mashed mixture of potato, butter, cream, and seasoning is made before the yolks are folded in. The end result is then piped onto baking trays in little potato swirls and baked.

Soft and fluffy potato with a crispy outer layer? These are little moreish mouthfuls everyone will love, either as a snack or side dish.

7- The Only Ice Cream Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Ice Cream is pretty much beloved by all, and the homemade variety is always appreciated. But where do egg yolks come into it? In this homemade recipe a custard is used as an ice cream base to create a decadent, thick texture that’s bound to impress.

Egg yolks are used to create this base, with heavy cream and sugar. Once the custard is mixed and cooled, it can then be churned in an ice cream machine. The beauty of this recipe is you can infuse the ice cream with any flavor you choose.

This is a decadent, delicious and versatile way to enjoy ice cream. Keep trying different flavors. Once you’ve found your favorite, you’ll never look back!

8- Japanese Egg Yolk Sauce

Usually when finding recipes to use up leftover egg yolk, the yolks are not the star ingredient. Not so with this Japanese inspired recipe. Egg yolk sauce is a firm, somewhat oily sauce often served in Japanese restaurants with teppanyaki or shrimp.

In addition to the egg yolks, lemon juice, miso paste, oil and grated yuzu give this sauce its unique flavor. Lemon or lime peel can be substituted for the yuzu too. All you need to do is beat and stir the ingredients together and leave it to chill. Not too hard, right?

Whether trying it with a tasty teppanyaki or with a sushi roll, this recipe will allow you to enjoy a Japanese restaurant favorite in the comfort of your own home.

9- Egg Yolk- And Ricotta-Filled Ravioli

Ravioli is a satisfying pasta dish made from parcels of pasta that can have a variety of different fillings. This particular recipe will give you a cheesy herb filling oozing with egg yolk to pair with a rich pancetta and tomato sauce. Yum!

Egg yolks are used to make the pasta as well as inserted whole into the ravioli along with the filling of ricotta and herbs.This is not the quickest of recipes as pasta dough , sauce and filling all need to be made, but it is a fairly simple process. It is also definitely worth the effort.

Serve with a garnish of grated parmesan and watch this delicious dinner disappear from the plate. It’s a fantastic, flavorful feast!

10- Chocolate Mousse

Do you love chocolate? How about chocolate served as a thick, indulgent mousse? This has to be one of the most easy and enticing uses for egg yolks.

The egg is whisked with heavy cream, and sugar and combined with melted chocolate. Then fold in more whipped cream to form a mouthwatering mouse. Bittersweet chocolate is used for this recipe but can be substituted for less bitter varieties if it better suits your taste.

Mix, melt and chill. Just 3 steps and you have a divine chocolate dessert that no one will be able to resist.

11- Best Lemon Bars Recipe

If you like your sweet treats with a creamy, zesty finish then this recipe is the one for you. A luscious lemon curd sits atop a buttery, shortbread crust to make this lemon curd recipe the best.

The egg yolks are used with lemons, butter and sugar to make the curd. A flour, sugar and butter mix is baked to make the crust and then the curd is simply spread on top and left to chill. You can even add a topping of berries or a sprinkle of powdered sugar as a final flourish too.

These beautiful bars are perfect to hand out to family and friends at a summer gathering. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

12- Caramel Flan

This recipe has a similar make up to creme brulee in that it features a sweet custard with a caramel finish. In the case of a flan, the custard is set in a loaf tin, or a similar sized ramekin, and the caramel is a sauce.

You will use up lots of egg yolks making the custard recipe along with 3 different types of milk and vanilla extract. The caramel just requires sugar to be heated with water until it reaches the right consistency. It is a simple recipe resulting in an impressively rich and creamy dessert.

It makes a wonderful alternative to a brulee, especially if sharing amongst a larger number of people. Just grab a spoon and help yourself!

13- Portuguese Egg Tart Recipe

Custard is a popular element of many egg yolk recipes. The custard in this egg tart recipe is of Portuguese origins. The creamy custard sits in tarts of flaky pastry to create a moreish mouthful of flavors and textures.

The recipe does include instructions on how to make puff pastry from scratch, however pre-prepared dough can be purchased to make it easier. The custard uses the egg yolks, milk, flour and sugar with an inspired addition of cinnamon to add to the flavor. The pastry is shaped into egg tart moulds and the custard used as filling. Delicious!

Once these tasty tarts have been baked, serve them up warm from the oven. They will become a crisp and creamy dessert addiction. You’ve been warned!

14- Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding

Does the idea of a quick and versatile pudding recipe sound good to you? This recipe takes minimal effort and yields a tasty and comforting pudding result.

Ingredients of milk, cornstarch, sugar and egg yolks are blended, heated, then chilled once combined. You can add cocoa powder if making a chocolate pudding or change this up with any variations you wish to make. Chai-cinnamon or rum-raisin are just a few yummy ideas.

This recipe is super simple and a great basic base on which to play with different pudding flavors. Have fun with it!

15- 4 Egg Yolk Brioche Bread

Bread might not be the first thought when considering recipes for leftover egg yolks but it helps the bread reach its springy brioche best. Creating dough takes a little time and effort, but you won’t regret giving either once you bite into the soft and buttery result.

The dough is made from bread flour and yeast, into which the egg yolks and butter are added. There is also egg brushed on the top of the prepared dough before it goes in the oven. Kneading and mixing is a small sacrifice to pay in order to enjoy this French favorite.

You can eat it with your preferred spread and feel the benefits of your delicious endeavours. It’s so worth it.

16- Irresistible Tiramisu

Tiramisu is a light Italian dessert with a soft, spongy center soaked in coffee flavors. Irresistible indeed! So is it hard to make? It may take a little time but it is straightforward enough to put together.

The egg yolks are used to make the creamy filling along with wine, heavy cream, sugar, and mascarpone cheese. This mix is then simply layered between ladyfingers that have been dipped in coffee. Not too difficult right?

The delicious combination of flavors in this dessert makes it a firm favorite for any coffee lover. It will be a definite crowd-pleaser for any occasion needing a little bit of luxury.

17- Classic Vanilla Custard

This recipe is perhaps the simplest of all custard-related egg yolk recipes but it is no less yummy for it. It can be served solo as a creamy hot or cold treat, or be used to complement other desserts such as pies and cakes.

All you need to do is gradually combine the ingredients including egg yolks, milk, whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla extract. That’s it!

Whether chilling it to eat cold or pouring it hot over another delicious creation, this vanilla custard is a must-have addition to your recipe book.

18- Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

What’s better than ice cream? A smooth and creamy homemade vanilla ice cream with mix-ins that you can customize to your own tastes! This is another ice cream with a custard base to create a rich texture that incorporates egg yolks.

In addition to eggs, you will need sugar, cream, milk, and vanilla extract. Vanilla bean paste can also be used for an even deeper flavor. After the heating, mixing, churning, and freezing, the fun part begins. Toppings!

Chocolate chips, Oreos, cookie dough, and hot fudge are just some of the near-endless choices to perk up an already heavenly vanilla ice cream. Enjoy experimenting!

19- Quindim (Brazilian Coconut Egg Custards)

Egg custards are a fabulous way to incorporate leftover egg yolks into a recipe. Custard in general has featured heavily on this list. Now it is Brazil that has a custard creation to share with the world. But what is Quindim?

They are a rich custard dome atop a chewy base of shredded coconut. Egg yolks and coconut make up the custard too along with staples like butter and sugar. Once baked and set, you will have happy handfuls of indulgent creamy coconut custards.

Try these bright, textured treats and you’ll have another creative entry for your custard dessert catalog. Thank you, Brazil.

20- Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe

Mayonnaise is a popular condiment used in combination with any number of different dishes and is available for purchase in most food stores. So why make your own? With homemade versions, you can ensure the freshest and most top-quality ingredients are used. This in turn improves the taste so you get a rich and creamy mayo with a tasty tang.

This recipe whisks egg yolks together with Dijon mustard, oil, white wine vinegar, and lemon juice. This quick and easy process brings out a superior taste and texture though you can leave out the mustard if not to your taste.

You now have mayonnaise that would enhance a salad, burger, pasta, or fish dish. The possibilities abound!

21- A Proper Trifle

Trifles are a popular dessert. But what actually constitutes a ‘proper’ trifle? You will need a light and springy sponge, smooth custard, and hints of fruit and booze. It’s not the quickest recipe ever.

Time is needed for each of the trifle elements to be made. Egg yolks are used for the standard custard mix. The sponge mix has to be baked and Amaretto added to the cream topping and syrupy fruit base. Once these stages are completed you can construct your trifle masterpiece!

A sweet Clementine base, then an almond sponge, next to creamy custard, and finally a boozy whipped cream. It will be a satisfying event to see each layer combined into a dish of luscious flavors. Definitely worth the effort!

22- Small Batch Egg Yolk Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies are always a yummy treat. Especially if they are brown butter chocolate chip doughs with salted caramel chunks. Does that sound like a recipe you would be interested in? Thought so.

Egg yolks are used to make the cookie nice and chewy. As for the rest, it’s mostly a combination of easily accessible ingredients like sugar, dark chocolate, and lots of butter. What’s not to like?

This is an indulgent and irresistible cookie. It’s a shame this recipe only makes a small batch of them. Everyone will be wanting more!

23- Baked Custard Recipe

Yes, folks, it’s another custard recipe. This time of the baked variety. The process of baking it using a ‘water bath’ ensures a silky smooth texture. As for taste, vanilla pods, vanilla-infused milk, and sugar add sweet flavors.

The recipe is simple and quick to prepare but you’ll need an hour’s baking time so plan ahead since this is best served warm.

The custard in this recipe is set, so this is a dish you can enjoy by itself. Although there’s certainly no harm in pairing it with another delicious dessert.

24- Salted Egg Pastry

Have you ever heard of a salted egg pastry? Well, the time is now.

This recipe is based on a traditional Chinese delicacy and features a salted yolk wrapped in red bean paste and Chinese pastry. It’s not the quickest or easiest recipe out there, but if you master it you will have discovered a delectable new sweet and salty snack.

Chinese pastry involves creating and combining two doughs by rolling them together. The egg yolk is the star of this snack and is soaked in corn oil before being wrapped in red bean paste. Then just wrap this filling in the pastry and bake. All done!

This is a unique and tasty pastry treat and you will have fun introducing it to your friends. Be brave enough to try something new. You are sure to be gastronomically rewarded.

25- Raspberry Curd

Do you want a tart and tasty curd that can be used as a spread or enjoyed on its own? Luckily, this raspberry recipe is delicious as well as being a fantastic way to use up leftover egg yolks.

You will, unsurprisingly, need raspberries as a star ingredient. Along with this, butter, sugar egg yolks, and grapefruit choice are heated together until thickened. Lemon juice could be used instead but either way, it’s a simple recipe with an easily accessible ingredient list.

Once cooled, your curd has versatile uses. Try it with scones, crepes, between cake layers, or on muffins, to name just a few suggestions. Whatever your choice, you won’t be disappointed!

26- Classic Crème Caramel

This recipe is like the lovechild of a creme brulee and a caramel flan. It requires many of the same ingredients and is just as uncomplicated to make. A creamy, vanilla-flavored custard is baked in a caramel-lined ramekin.

The egg yolks are used in the custard recipe with old favorites like heavy cream and vanilla extract with the caramel being made from heated sugar. So far, so simple. You can also adjust the recipe by changing the flavorings in the custard to suit your tastes. Espresso or ginger, for example.

This is an easy enticing recipe that you can whip up quickly to satisfy a sweet craving. Take a few moments to try this and you’ll see for yourself. Absolutely scrummy.

27- Heavenly Dark Chocolate Truffles

Truffles are delicious and indulgent dessert treats that are easier to make than you’d think. This recipe also has the added bonus of a rich dark chocolate flavor. This creamy, chocolatey delight can be yours with just a bit of mixing and melting.

You’ll need dark chocolate, butter, cocoa powder, and egg yolks. Butter and chocolate are melted and combined with whisked egg yolk. This mixture is set in a pan and cooled. Then when ready you can shape it into squares or balls and dust with cocoa powder. That’s all you need to do.

The result is a decadently moreish chocolate treat that will be irresistible. Probably best to make several batches in preparation for when everyone can’t stop eating them. They’re just that good!

28- Zabaglione

First things first. What is zabaglione? It is an Italian creamy dessert of whisked egg yolks and wine. It can be eaten solo or used to complement the cake, ice cream, or pastry. It has 3 ingredients, is easy to make and delicious to eat. Want to try it?

You’ll need egg yolks, caster sugar, and marsala. Beat the eggs and sugar together until thickened before beating in the wine. Voila! You have your zabaglione. Madeira, sherry, or even can also be used as alternatives if preferred.

So, whether spooning it out directly or trying it with a bit of fruit or cake, you’ll be enjoying this new discovery in no time. You’ve nothing to lose. Give it a whirl!

29- Egg Yolk Cookies

If you want an easy egg yolk recipe that gives you soft and scrummy cookies, then this is the treat for you. All you need to do is make the dough and bake the dough. Simple!

Uniquely, the egg yolks in this recipe are hard-boiled before they are mixed with butter, sugar, and flour. A dash of vanilla is added to sweeten the flavor before the dough is baked into cookies. Different flavors, such as coconut, can be substituted to suit tastes too.

This recipe lets you make yummy cookies with minimal effort. It’s a great way to use up egg yolks too. Begin hard-boiling!

30- Egg Custard Pie

Has it been mentioned yet that custard-based desserts are a great way to use leftover egg yolks? Good, because we are finishing up our list of egg yolk recipes with another one. This time, an egg custard pie.

The sweet, creamy custard is set in a scrumptious pastry crust. A pastry pie crust can be pre-purchased for convenience, then pour into the custard and baked. Easy! The custard is a standard cream, egg, milk, and sugar mix which can be livened up with citrus zest or nutmeg.

You could even make a simple caramel sauce to serve with pie too! Or maybe a whipped cream topping? This basic recipe can be customized in a variety of fun ways to play with flavors and textures. It’s delicious too, so indulge in a bit of pie play today!

Recipes to use up leftover egg yolks

30 Recipes to use up leftover egg yolks

Yield: 60
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes


  • 1 ½ c white sugar
  • 1 c butter, softened
  • 5 large egg yolks
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • ½ tsp lemon extract
  • ½ tsp orange extract
  • 2 ½ c all-purpose flour
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp cream of tartar


  1. Prepare the oven by preheating to 350 degrees F. In a bowl, beat butter and sugar together until the texture is fluffy with soft peaks.
  2. In another bowl, beat the lemon, orange, and vanilla extract together with egg yolks. Add this mixture together with the butter mixture and beat it together thoroughly.
  3. Take the flour, cream of tartar and baking soda and sift them together in a bowl. Stir the yolk and butter mixture into this until it is well blended and a dough forms.
  4. Once the dough is properly blended, roll it into small balls. Grease or line some baking sheets before placing on the dough balls and flattening them slightly.
  5. Once your cookie shapes have been formed, place the baking sheets in the oven and bake for roughly 10 minutes or until the edges of the dough are golden.

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