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23 Easy Ground Lamb Recipes

Lamb can seem daunting to the home cook, it’s not as widely available as beef but it’s also leaner and healthier for you because it’s always grass-fed and raised in a pasture. Ground lamb is a great way to start using lamb in your cooking. It’s versatile and can be used in place of ground beef for nearly any recipe.

Ground Lamb Recipes

We’ve put together the 22 best ground lamb recipes for you to try at home. This list will introduce you to cuisines from the Mediterranean and the Middle East, with new flavor combinations to try and spice blends that will become part of your repertoire because they are just so delicious and satisfying.

These recipes with ground lamb are flavorful and fun to make, plus they are healthy, easy, and the perfect way to utilize ground lamb. Don’t know what to make with ground lamb? Keep scrolling and find out!

1. Lamb Burgers

Perhaps the easiest and most versatile use for ground lamb meat is to make a burger.

It’s one of the easy, best, ideas to use up ground lamb and seriously makes a delicious burger. Recipes for ground lamb can be complicated but this burger is far from that.

Simply season ground lamb with salt, pepper, and some spices, and grill patties for a juicy and lean burger everyone will love. Lamb goes great with a classic burger sauce and any toppings you like best.

2. Mediterranean Lamb Bowls 

Mediterranean-inspired lamb bowls are an easy, healthy, and super flavorful use for ground lamb meat. Packed with Mediterranean spices, these bowls can be decked out with any vegetables you have on hand and make such an easy lunch or dinner idea.

A lot of ground lamb recipes are Greek in flavor combinations. The combination of olives, feta, lemony garlic dressing, and fresh herbs make this bowl so satisfying you will most likely be making it over and over again.

3. Lamb Kofta Kebab 

Lamb Kofta is one of the easiest recipes for ground lamb. If you’re stumped on what to do with ground lamb, try out this simple version of the Kofta Kebab, a traditional middle eastern street food.

The recipe has only 6 ingredients and takes less than 20 minutes to come together.

You can put these kebabs in a pita, or tortilla or just eat them alongside a nice big green salad and you’ve got a delicious dinner that’s so quick to make.

4. Lamb Shawarma

In Turkish, where shawarma originated, the word means “to turn” because traditionally large skewers of meat were slowly turned for hours over coals for the perfect thinly sliced offering of lamb or beef.

Now, you can find shawarma all over the place especially in NYC at food trucks and carts all over the city.

This recipe is reminiscent of the delicious shawarma you can pick up in New York, with warm spices and served over rice with grilled onions and an addicting sauce.

5. Lamb Tacos

The lamb taco is the perfect example of where you can substitute lamb for ground beef, and you won’t miss it at all.

Lamb is leaner and has a richer flavor than beef which makes it perfectly seasoned with paprika and cayenne then put into a soft taco with all the fixings.

Tender ground lamb goes perfectly with taco seasonings, then pile it up in a corn or flour tortilla and top with sour cream, shredded cheese, lettuce, and some pickled jalapenos.

6. Rosemary and Garlic Lamb 

This lamb dish is insanely comforting and also insanely easy to make. As far as easy ground lamb recipes go, this will be your new go-to.

The lamb is seasoned heavily with lots of garlic and fresh rosemary. You then saute the lamb till it’s juicy and tender and add in par-boiled potatoes to complete this one-skillet meal.

It will remind you of a shepherd’s pie but feels lighter and healthier, and is delicious with a side of grilled vegetables or a nice greens salad.

7. Lamb Meatballs 

Meatballs can be made from so many different ingredients; chicken, pork, tofu, chickpeas, beef, or a combination of different meats.

Lamb makes an excellent meatball because it holds together well and can take all kinds of add-ins like diced onions, garlic, and lots of spices.

Serve them alongside a herby yogurt sauce with pita bread and salad for a healthy and delicious Mediterranean meal. These can also be made and then frozen for a quick dinner that’s ready to cook from the freezer.

8. Moroccan Lamb Stew 

A list of ground lamb recipes wouldn’t be complete without a Moroccan lamb stew. This is a traditional use of ground lamb or lamb stew meat that’s eaten all over morocco and north Africa.

It’s packed with warm and fragrant spices that will make your kitchen smell so good. In the stew there is chickpeas, apricots, lots of vegetables and a simply irresistible sauce. It’s healthy and hearty, and ready in less than 30 minutes. What more could you ask for!

9. Lamb Ragu 

This recipe for ground lamb ragu is a different take on the classic sauce from Italy. Instead of using a combination of pork, beef and ground veal, this recipe just utilizes ground lamb.

The sauce is earthy and delicious, studded with fresh tomatoes as well as canned to make a luscious red sauce full of flavor.

This sauce is perfect on pasta, or zucchini noodles. Serve with a sprinkle of freshly grated parm and some cracked black pepper.

10. Rustic Lamb Pie 

The lamb pie dates back to medieval times in Northern Europe, particularly England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. If you’ve ever had shepherd’s pie for Saint Patrick’s day, then you will love this lamb pie.

The crust is an easy simple pie crust, then filled with a delicious blend of ground lamb, sauteed vegetables, rich gravy sauce and herbs and spices.

This is a great way to introduce someone to a ground lamb recipe and serve your friends and family something comforting and warm. It’s also the perfect option if you’re wondering what to do with ground lamb that you have.

11. Lamb and Rice Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are a classic Mediterranean dish that are so versatile because you can stuff them with whatever you have on hand.

These ones are filled with a lovely combination of ground lamb, vegetables and rice, plus lots of fresh herbs and spices to round out the flavors nicely. They can be made ahead of time and then popped in the oven for a quick lunch or dinner idea.

12. Lamb Pasta Sauce 

For these easy ground lamb recipes, pasta sauce is made with lamb rather than beef for a light and healthier version of a time-old classic. Red sauce is made with canned tomatoes, spices, garlic and onion, then you fold in perfectly cooked ground lamb to complete the sauce.

It’s a great way to use up pantry staples. Make a double batch and store some in your freezer for a quick meal. This sauce also makes a perfect addition to a casserole or base for chili!

13. Mediterranean Lamb Casserole 

This recipe is a twist on the classic beef casserole, but with all kinds of delicious Mediterranean flavors. Instead of fried onions or potato chips as a crunchy topping, use pita chips!

Swap out the peas and carrots for garlic, onions, and garbanzo beans. Instead of egg noodles, this recipe uses orzo pasta. The perfect combination in a classic dinner style.

14. Indian Lamb Curry

This is another variation on lamb stew, but instead of the Moroccan flavors of the previous stew recipe, you use Indian flavors for a deeply satisfying and richly spiced curry.

Indian cuisine is full of luscious flavorful curries where you can use any meat or vegetable you like. Lamb is the perfect addition because of its rich flavor that stands up to heavy spices.

15. Lamb Pita Wraps 

An absolutely delicious classic pairing, lamb meatballs, and herby yogurt all wrapped in a pita with the traditional Gyro toppings like red onion, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Feel free to use the lamb meatball or kofta recipes from above, then simply stuff them into a pita and add on all the fixings.

This recipe uses more of a kofta technique with rich, cucumber yogurt sauce. You can modify this recipe any way you like and it will still be just as delicious.

16. Lamb Keema with Peas 

Keema is a lesser-known term for “minced meat” or “minced meat mixture”. It’s typical in the middle east and could be compared to a taco meat mixture or meatloaf in the US. Typically it is mixed with lots of warm spices and either beans or pea pods.

This recipe for ground lamb keema is as easy as it gets and can be served with potatoes, rice, bread, or added into a stew with a variety of vegetables. It would even be delicious as a lettuce wrap if you’re looking for a low-calorie option.

17. Lebanese Lamb Rice

Lebanese ground lamb recipes are packed with flavor that will no doubt please your palate.

This recipe is very similar to a rice pilaf, but instead of traditional pilaf flavors it uses Lebanese spices and herbs like mint and cilantro, and beef broth to cook the rice. It’s served over a bed of tangy thick yogurt and garnished with crushed pistachios and fresh cucumbers.

This dish is a quick and easy ground lamb recipe that will introduce you and your friends or family to a new combination of flavors if you’re not familiar with Lebanese cuisine.

18. Eggplant with Lamb 

Another Lebanese recipe utilizes ground lamb. Lebanese cuisine has so many easy ground lamb recipes to choose from. This one is essentially a stuffed eggplant meets eggplant parmesan.

A flavorful and warming combination of ground lamb, tomato, and pine nuts is stuffed inside a globe eggplant and then roasted with fresh mozzarella melted over top. It’s a delicious meal all by itself and keeps well in the fridge for lunch or dinner the next day.

19. Hummus with Lamb 

Hummus is one of those snack dips that can pretty much take any topping and it will be delicious.

This recipe is perfect as a party appetizer, or side dish to a Mediterranean meal or party spread.

Simply cook ground lamb with warm spices like cumin, coriander, paprika, and salt and pepper. Then top a big bowl of creamy hummus with this succulent mixture and serve with pita bread or chips.

20. Crispy Lentils with Lamb 

Lentils and lamb are often served together in Mediterranean and middle eastern cuisines.

This recipe is a simple, one-pot meal that can be made as meal prep or ahead of time for a dinner party.

Lentils are cooked then drained and crisped up on fragrant olive oil and spices. Add in the ground lamb to make a hearty and delicious stew. This dish can be served on its own or as a side with hummus, pita, and greens for a lovely healthy spread.

21. Lamb Meatloaf 

Not exactly your grandma’s meatloaf, but still so delicious! This version of meatloaf is modernized by using ground lamb meat and some alternative spices to compliment the lamb’s flavor.

Still a classic sunday dinner idea and yes, it’s really tasty with a side of ketchup. Make this recipe a day ahead and then just pop it in the oven for a quick and easy, comforting meal.

You can customize it with different spices that suit your taste or make it as the recipe states and give your friends and family a comforting sunday supper.

22. Instant pot Lamb Chili 

Who knew chili could be made without ground beef! Lamb gives this chili a really unique and delicious flavor, and guarantees you won’t miss the beef.

The chili is packed with beans, veggies and an addicting spice blend that will make you want to have this chili on hand in your freezer.

You can use dried beans or canned beans and alter the combination of vegetables for whatever suits your tastes or what you have in your fridge. The slow cooker method is the perfect way to make this while you’re at work or away from the kitchen!

23. Lamb Bolognese

Carrot, anchovies, onion, garlic, tomatoes, and ground lamb simmered for hours on the stove make this bolognese simply irresistible.

This ground lamb version of the Italian classic is just as delicious and satisfying served over noodles or veggies.

Top your bowl of bolognese with freshly grated parmesan cheese, and save any leftovers in your freezer as this sauce keeps particularly well for an easy dinner if you need something particularly satisfying.

Ground Lamb Recipes

23 Easy Ground Lamb Recipes

Yield: 4 1/4-pound burgers
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes


  • 1 lb ground lamb
  • 1 4-inch sprig rosemary
  • 4 sprigs thyme
  • 1 tbsp garlic powder
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 pinch ground black pepper
  • 3 tbsps mayonnaise
  • 1 tbsp Dijon mustard
  • 4 hamburger buns
  • 4 thick slices tomato
  • 1 c baby mixed salad greens


  1. Preheat a grill or grill pan on medium-high heat
  2. In a mixing bowl, stir together the ground lamb and all the spices and salt and pepper, until well combined. Shape this mixture into 4 circular patties
  3. Cook the burgers on the grill without flipping until they begin to get firm and brown around the edges, about 5 minutes. Flip and cook for another 5 minutes on the other side, or till a thermometer reads 140F in the center of the patty. Rest the burgers for at least 5 minutes while you assemble the toppings.
  4. Mix together the burger sauce by combining the mayonnaise and mustard in a small bowl.
  5. Spread about 1 tablespoon of sauce on each bun. Top the buns with a lamb patty, lettuce, tomatoes, and greens. Serve and enjoy

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