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22 Delicious and Healthy Red Cabbage Recipes to Try

We’ve all done it; you bought ahead of red cabbage for a recipe, and now you have a lot leftover. What to do with red cabbage now? Don’t let it go bad in the bottom of your vegetable drawer in the fridge! There are many ways to use it up.

22 Delicious and Healthy Red Cabbage Recipes to Try

Red cabbage dishes are a great way to get in nutrients, making them a healthy ingredient to use in the kitchen.

It’s very versatile; it can be eaten raw or can be cooked in a variety of ways. It’s often served as a side dish or tossed into a salad or slaw, but that’s not its limit. Using red cabbage is the perfect way to add crunch and color to a dish.

While it may seem like red cabbage seems like a boring ingredient, it can be used in creative and flavorful ways, and there are plenty of healthy red cabbage recipes out there.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite purple cabbage recipes that use this tasty and healthy ingredient.

1.Sauteed Red Cabbage

Sautéing is a great way to prepare red cabbage. It breaks down the cabbage so it’s easier for digestion and provides a great flavor.

You probably already have the ingredients needed for this easy recipe in your pantry. Not only that, but it only takes 22 minutes to prepare! Vinegar and mustard seed adds a pop of flavor that makes you want to keep going back for another bite.

Don’t have mustard seeds? Try caraway seeds or a dollop of stone ground mustard.

This healthy recipe proves you don’t need more than a few ingredients to make a delicious dish!

2.Sweet and Sour German Red Cabbage

If you’re looking for a fantastic German red cabbage recipe, I’ve got you covered!

Red cabbage is simmered with butter and vinegar and then sprinkled with sugar; this results in a perfectly balanced sweet and sour bite.

If you don’t have any balsamic vinegar on hand, don’t fret! Just use red wine vinegar and add a little bit of extra sugar.

Pair this recipe with some delicious German sausages and roasted potatoes for the perfect German-inspired meal!

3.Braised Red Cabbage with Red Onion, Apples, and Balsamic

This recipe is a take on braised red cabbage with a secret ingredient: apples.

Thinly sliced apples add an extra punch of sweetness that pairs with the vinegar and onions that are simmered with the red cabbage.

After a quick braise, you’re left with a warm, comforting side dish. This recipe takes minimal prep time – just some slicing!

Try pairing this with some seared pork chops, you won’t be disappointed!

4.Healthy Red Cabbage Slaw

Refreshing cabbage slaw is perfect for a light lunch or potluck, everyone will love it!

This one pairs perfectly with burgers or sandwiches, and offers plenty of nutrients in the fresh vegetables, making it a healthy red cabbage option.

The added jalapeno adds a kick of heat that makes this dish, unlike other slaws you’ve had before.

If jalapenos are too spicy for you, try a poblano pepper; it has less heat but that nice peppery flavor. This slaw will quench any craving you have for raw veggies!

5.Red Cabbage and Carrot Slaw Recipe

The star of the show in this healthy red cabbage recipe is the dressing! Dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar, and honey make for the perfect blend of flavors.

No honey? No problem! Substitute maple syrup or cane sugar. Each bite has a satisfying crunch from the red cabbage, which makes this slaw perfect for a summer barbeque.

A tip from me: double the vinaigrette and save it for salads later in the week.

6.Corn Tomato Red Cabbage Salad

Everyone loves a salad! Okay, maybe not everyone loves a salad, but you won’t go wrong with this one! It has a creamy garlic dressing and sweet corn that give it a fun spin.

Don’t worry if you only have red cabbage on hand, you can use red cabbage in place of the green cabbage.

You’ll end up with a crunchier salad, but who doesn’t love crunch? I sure do!

7.Red Cabbage Soup

If you’re hoping to impress friends and family with a beautiful dish, look no further!

This soup not only captures your attention with its color, but it tastes just as good. By using potatoes to achieve creaminess, you can limit the amount of dairy you need to use.

If you want to make this recipe vegan, swap out the heavy cream for coconut milk for the same creamy texture. Even though a bowl of this soup may look too pretty to eat, trust me, you’ll finish every drop!

8.Pressure cooker red cabbage and apple

This recipe balances sweet and savory perfectly. The warm spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves make this recipe truly special.

Sometimes the whole nutmeg can be hard to find, use ground nutmeg or swap with allspice for a similar flavor.

Instead of braising on your stove, pull out that pressure cooker or Instant Pot to achieve a soft, delicate texture. Because you’re getting help from a pressure cooker, you can have this recipe finished and on the table in 15 minutes!

9.Red Cabbage Juice 3 Ways

You have a bunch of red cabbage, but you’re not hungry and need to use it up.

These red cabbage juice recipes will solve that problem. No matter what flavors you prefer, there’s a juice recipe here for you!

Adding pears, oranges, or apples to cabbage juice makes them just sweet enough they’re enjoyable without sacrificing nutrition. Each juice is nourishing without neglecting flavor, the perfect afternoon refreshment!

10.Asian Stuffed Red Cabbage Rolls

You think you’ve seen all the recipes with red cabbage out there; you don’t want a slaw or stewed cabbage.

This Asian stuffed red cabbage is a game changer! Like an Asian dumpling, but with the added nutrition that comes with a cabbage wrapper.

This recipe would make a great option for a gluten-free diet, simply swap soy sauce for tamari or coconut aminos.

There’s a ton of flavor packed into these little rolls. Make enough to have leftovers, you’ll want them!

11.Easy Asian slaw with red cabbage and carrot

Need a nice salad or slaw and running out of ideas? Try this Asian red cabbage slaw.

Its tangy dressing makes for a new twist on the traditional version. The combination of cabbage and herbs makes for a fresh, crisp salad.

The dressing calls for a delicious combination of garlic and ginger. If you can’t find fresh ginger in your grocery store, opt for ground ginger.

This recipe is a great side dish alongside steamed rice and teriyaki chicken breast – a healthy and well-balanced meal.

12.Tangy red cabbage slaw recipe

If you like spice and southwestern flavors, this red cabbage recipe should make it into your meal rotation.

Each thinly sliced bite of red cabbage is coated in the tangy orange and lime dressing, a delight!

This recipe calls for cilantro, if you’re someone who doesn’t like that flavor opt for parsley, it will add the freshness you’re looking for.

This slaw would be perfect for a Mexican food night. Lay it out with your spread of tacos, beans, and rice. Don’t forget the chips and salsa!

13.Shrimp Tacos

Speaking of taco night, how about some shrimp tacos? Pairing seafood with a bright, crunchy red cabbage slaw is always a great idea.

Using shrimp in this recipe makes for a healthy version of a taco, and the cabbage serves as the vegetables for a balanced plate.

The recipe uses a bag of coleslaw but using thinly sliced red cabbage works just the same. This is a great idea if you’re wanting to rotate more seafood into your diet.

14.Easy Pickled Red Cabbage

The beauty of this recipe is you can prepare it for future meals. Pickled red cabbage is a great idea if you find yourself stuck with a bunch of cabbage but have other meals lined up.

You can top just about any salad or sandwich with pickled cabbage, and the pickles will keep in the fridge for 2-3 weeks!

Preserving vegetables is a great way to avoid unnecessary food waste while also adding flavor to your dishes.

The recipe calls for apple cider vinegar, but you can use any vinegar you have available.

15.Irresistible Potato Red Cabbage Tikki – Cutlet

These fritters, or Tikki, are made out of potatoes and cabbage, and they are delectable.

A special blend of spices mixed into the patties that are then fried crisp make this recipe stand out.

Served as an appetizer or side dish, everyone will want to know where you learned to make these! Mango powder may be difficult to find, so you can replace it with lemon or lime juice.

The red cabbage adds a nice crunch that compliments the smooth potatoes perfectly. Serve this with a chutney dip for a zesty bite!

16.Red Cabbage Stir-Fry with Coconut

How to cook purple cabbage that isn’t braising? Well, one of the best ways is to stir fry.

This recipe is a perfect example of combining flavors you wouldn’t normally pair for a brilliant, simple stir-fried cabbage.

The coconut adds a nuttiness and sweetness while the curry leaves and cumin seeds bring the savory.

This quick cabbage dish can be whipped up in no time and will leave people wondering where you got the recipe.

17.Balsamic Roasted Cabbage Steaks Recipe

Another great way to cook red cabbage is roasting. Want to get even more creative?

Follow this recipe and cut your cabbage into steaks and roast them until they are crispy and caramelized. Finish by brushing them with a honey balsamic glaze to ramp up the flavor.

Serve this as the center of the plate for vegan friends, or pair them with a hearty roasted chicken.

Either way, these red cabbage steaks will be a hit. Pro tip: save the glaze and use it on chicken, pork, or other hearty vegetables like brussels sprouts!

18.Vegan Red Cabbage, Avocado, and Cannellini Bean Salad

This red cabbage and bean salad are all it’s cracked up to be! With the protein and carbohydrates from the beans and fat from the avocado and dressing, this recipe can be served on its own as a balanced meal.

Mixing in pickles, herbs, and spring onions make for a mouthwatering blend of flavors.

The recipe asks you to cook and pickle your beetroot, but you can buy beets already pickled to save time. Eat this with some sourdough bread and you’ll be well pleased.

19.Sriracha Red Cabbage Slaw

We’ve all had coleslaw at a potluck, and it rarely tastes inspired.

This recipe for Sriracha coleslaw is a different story! It’s spicy, sweet, and crunchy; everything you want out of a satisfying side dish.

The hot sauce results in a coleslaw you’ve never tasted before. You don’t have to use sriracha; if you have a favorite hot sauce you keep stocked, use that.

This recipe is best served after marinating overnight, so make sure to plan ahead!

20.Vegan Red Cabbage, Orange, and Walnut Salad

We eat with our eyes first, so a colorful plate will tempt us before we even take a bite.

This recipe accomplishes just that with the contrast of orange segments, red cabbage, and earthy walnuts.

What the ingredients provide in color they also deliver in flavor. The bright citrus is a perfect match for the nuttiness, and everything is carried by the crispy cabbage.

Douse that all in a delicious balsamic dressing and it’s magic! Swap out the walnuts for any of your favorite nuts like pecans or almonds. If you’re allergic to nuts, try a variety of seeds.

21.Thai Sesame Red Cabbage And Carrot Salad

One of the best ways to liven up a dish is to add a mixture of fresh herbs, and that’s what this healthy cabbage recipe does.

The dressing for the salad uses all the brightest flavors from Thai food: fish sauce, lime juice, and ginger.

If you don’t like fish sauce, try soy sauce or coconut aminos. This combination makes umami-filled dressing with the perfect amounts of sour and sweet.

Pair this Thai sesame cabbage salad with grilled Thai wings and jasmine rice, you won’t regret it!

22.Green Apple Coleslaw Recipe

A tart, crunchy slaw is the perfect addition to any summer picnic. The secret ingredient in this recipe that adds a hint of heat is the red pepper flakes.

They complement the sweet apples and acidic dressing flawlessly. This recipe is refined sugar-free, making it a healthy option to take to your next gathering.

Serve this slaw with some grilled barbeque ribs, the meaty ribs will pair with the fresh slaw perfectly.

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