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15 Best Redfish Recipes

Redfish, also known as a red drum or ocean perch, is a rockfish that is some of the best-tasting fish you’ll find.

Redfish Recipes

Redfish can be grilled, baked, cooked, and roasted in many numbers of ways and some recipes can be finished in twenty minutes.

While redfish is usually seen as mild, extra seasoning and vegetables can change the dish entirely. With dishes like Cajun redfish, blackened redfish, and redfish tacos it’s easy to fall in love with redfish.

So let’s get cooking and look at our 15 best redfish recipes.

1. Baked Redfish Fillets

Baked redfish fillets are unlike any other baked redfish recipes you’ll find.

While usually redfish can have a mild flavour, with the right spices and ingredients redfish fillets become flavorful and full of nutrients. This recipe uses Acadian redfish, not redfish found in the Gulf of Mexico.

The most important tip we have with this dish is that fish can cook very quickly. It is important to have an instant-read thermometer on hand.

If you haven’t got one, a fork can do the same job. Stick the fork in, pull some flesh out and check the flakes. The flakes should look opaque.

2. Grilled Redfish on the Half Shell

Grilled redfish on the half shell may be from the Gulf, but it still uses Alaskan redfish which is not a protected fish. If you like to fish, this may be a great place to find your next meal.

The redfish cooked with the Cajun seasoning comes together with a kick and great taste too.

It’s important that the fish you buy still has its scales and skin. The scales and skin will protect the fish on the grill.

It lets the insides cook without letting it burn or get too crispy.

3. Redfish on the Half Shell

This oven-cooked redfish on the half shell is both yummy and easy to make. This recipe makes six servings and takes less than a half-hour to cook. With a short list of ingredients and only a few steps, this dish can be on the table in time for dinner.

If you need to replace the redfish, use bass. Keep the scales on for both as they will keep the fish from overcooking.

The fish won’t get too crispy and the inside will cook well.

4. Blackened Redfish Street Tacos

Blackened redfish street tacos are a very unique redfish recipe. Tacos and fish don’t sound like they should go together, but this dish is one you don’t want to miss out on. And this recipe can be done in 20 minutes and make six tacos.

The secret ingredient to this recipe is the Cotija cheese. While it looks a lot like feta cheese, it has the taste of many hard and aged cheeses.

If you’re looking for a substitute use parmesan. It has the same flavor but is less salty.

5. Cajun Blackened Redfish

Redfish recipes are best used with fresh fish, but this dish can also be made with frozen fish. This dish takes less than an hour to make and will make four servings. Each serving is fairly long and will certainly be enough for a small crowd.

This dish has some heat to it with its Cajun seasonings and the secret to this dish is the cayenne pepper. A substitute for this is red pepper flakes.

They’re milder, but still, bring out the flavors of the dish.

6. Redfish on the Half Shell

Redfish on the half shell is a common dish but with this lemon butter lump crabmeat sauce, it is unlike anything you’ve had before. It’s an easy recipe that is cooked on the grill and makes four servings.

If you need more we recommend doubling the recipe.

This recipe is divided into two parts, the fish and the sauce. For the sauce, you’ll want to find the freshest ingredients you can. Fresh lemons, crabmeat, and green onions will make the dish taste better and won’t go bad so easily.

7. Sautéed Redfish

How to cook redfish? Sautéed redfish is always a simple and tasty option. This recipe requires very few ingredients and can be done in about a half-hour.

You’ll need to keep your ingredients as fresh as possible. The freshest herbs and fish will make the dish taste better and draw out more flavors.

It is very important to handle the fish carefully as it can easily break up in the pan and will break up quickly if you push it around too many times.

When it comes time to flip and turn it use a spatula.

8. Fish Piccata

Piccata, usually found in Italy, can also be made with Alaskan redfish which makes an unusual, but tasty pairing.

This recipe is easy and will take 20 minutes to make. It makes four servings, but they are rather large as they are. Four servings will be enough for a small party.

The secret ingredient to this recipe is the sauce made from white wine, capers, lemon juice, and butter. The sauce will cover the fish and bring out more flavor from a usually mild redfish.

9. Creole Redfish Court-Bouillon

This creole redfish court-bouillon recipe is delicious but difficult to make. It has a long list of ingredients and will take an hour to make. It requires a lot of herbs and vegetables.

It is best to use the freshest herbs and vegetables you can find so that the dish has the best flavors and it won’t go bad very quickly.

If you want to add more heat to the recipe we suggest adding cayenne pepper. This can be added on top of the rest of the ingredients or it can act as a substitute for the red pepper flakes.

10. Sautéed Redfish

Red snapper fish recipes are just as great as redfish recipes. This recipe can use red snappers, redfish, or groupers. This sautéed redfish dish will take some time and effort to make.

It will require three hours to make and makes four servings. We recommend doubling the recipe if you have a larger crowd.

The black-eyed pea salad that accompanies the redfish will be made before the fish and should be kept cool for a long time.

This can be one hour in advance of the meal or 24 hours ahead the day before.

11. Fried Red Fish and Spicy Remoulade

A red fish recipe can include a number of fish. For some fried redfish recipes like this one, you’ll be using red drums, snappers, or groupers to make your fried fish and spicy remoulade.

This recipe is split into two parts, the spicy remoulade, and the fried redfish.

Each of these parts has a long list of ingredients, most of the herbs and spices.

You can find most of these in your local grocery store, but we also recommend looking at local markets to get the freshest ingredients you can find.

12. Redfish and Shrimp Couvillion

This redfish and shrimp Couvillion or Cajun fish stew is delicious and one of many healthy redfish recipes.

This recipe will take over an hour to make but will make seven servings. It works well for a big family or large parties.

This dish requires many vegetables. This should be as fresh as possible, especially the celery, onions, and bell peppers.

We recommend using store-bought Cajun seasoning rather than making your own, as that can be quite difficult and time-consuming.

13. Yucatan Style Grilled Red Snapper

This grilled red snapper recipe done in Yucatan style will take a lot of time but is completely worth it. This dish will take two and a half hours to prepare and grill the fish and it makes about three servings.

The servings are full of fish so it is quite filling and can be split if needed.

It’s important that while you are grilling your fish you don’t flip it over.

This will let all of the insides spill out over the grill and you’ll lose your meal.

14. Cooked Whole Fish

This cooked whole fish is easy to make and can be done in a half-hour. One fish will make a whole serving.

One-third of this time is spent preparing the fish with garlic, oil, lemon, and herbs. After that, it sits in the oven.

It is important to keep an eye on how much time you keep the fish in the oven.

A larger fish will require more time and a smaller fish will need less.

The same will change with the variety of your fish.

15. Whole Roasted Red Snapper

These whole roasted red snappers are easy to make and serve four people. The potatoes and onions go well with red snappers and make for a filling meal.

The red snapper should come without the scales and fins and be completely gutted.

It’s a good idea to find the freshest ingredients you can.

The onions, potatoes, red peppers, garlic, shallots, parsley, and lemons can all be found at local markets.

Asking the sellers directly can help you get the freshest ingredients.

Redfish Recipes

15 Best Redfish Recipes

Yield: 4
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes


  • 1/2 c dry bread crumbs
  • 2 tbsps grated Parmesan cheese
  • 1 tsp lemon-pepper seasoning
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 4 red snapper fillets (6 oz each)
  • 2 tbsps olive oil


  1. Lay the bread crumbs in a small bowl. Mix in the cheese and lemon pepper. Add in the salt.
  2. Set the fillets into the mix and turn to coat them. Do this one at a time.
  3. Move the fillets into a large skillet and cook them in oil. Do this in small batches and keep them cooking.
  4. Check the fish with a fork to see if the fish flakes easily after four minutes.
  5. Flip the fish and cook them for another four minutes.

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