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22 Best Sous Vide Recipes

Have you ever wondered what exactly sous vide means? Maybe you’ve heard this term in relation to egg bites at a coffee chain, or you associate it with obscure French cuisine.

22 Best Sous Vide Recipes

Whatever your experience with sous vide may be, we are to give you the best sous vide recipes that are both easy and exciting.

Sous vide refers to a style of cooking where the food is vacuum-sealed and immersed in warm water. This is most commonly done to meat or fish, but also can be seen in eggs and other dishes.

In this piece, we are going to share recipes for more than just protein, however. You’ll find a mixture of side dishes, desserts, vegetables, stews other soups, and more.

Take these simple ideas and turn them into the best sous vide recipes you’ve ever had!

1. Instant Pot Egg Bites

Looking for a quick and easy dish that is delicious and feels fancier than it really is?

This is the dish for you- sous vide cooking recipes that can’t be beaten.

Make these tasty sous vide egg bites for a simple and easy breakfast option that caters to people of all ages and tastes.

Kids love them, adults appreciate their ability to be eaten from the car, and they heat up well later for a next-day breakfast or snack.

2. Sous Vide Garlic Herb Butter Steaks

One of the top sous vide recipes for those looking to dine on a delicious, upscale dish that turns any event into an occasion, this is one you’ve got to try!

If you are a steak-lover, you will fall in love with this recipe, and so will those that you make it for.

Whether it is simply a family dinner on a Wednesday night or an anniversary party that you are hosting for your parents and their friends, these steaks are easily prepared and absolutely mouth-watering.

3. Easy Sous Vide Chicken Breast

This option is a good example of ANOVA sous vides recipes, that can be done in this pressure cooker-adjacent device.

A fun spin on a very easy and simple dish, this takes a chicken breast to a whole new level!

Pair this with the sous vide broccoli recipe below, or perhaps you’ll prefer to spice it up a little more with the sous vide butternut squash and apple soup that adds something to any meal it joins onto.

4. Sous Vide Potatoes

Who doesn’t love potatoes? What about potatoes that are cooked to a hot, creamy, indulgent perfection?

These potatoes are simple to make and don’t require you to use ingredients or kitchen utensils that you don’t already have. All you need is a desire to try a fun twist on a classic, home-cooked dish.

This dish can be prepared as a side, a main, or even an appetizer to your protein.

Make it whole sous vide extravaganza and pair this with some sous vide pork chops like the recipe that is up next.

5. Sous Vide Pork Chops

Speaking of sous vide meal, this is a great ‘main’ or protein-based dish to pair with the delectable sous vide potatoes or any of the other veggies on this dish!

We don’t discriminate here, make the asparagus or carrot dishes that can be found below, for example.

In some places, pork chops, potatoes, and sauerkraut are traditional New Year’s Day meals.

If you’re wanting some extra luck at any time of the year, combine the sous vide potatoes and pork chops with some sauerkraut (homemade or from a jar, who cares!)

6. Sous Vide Korean BBQ Pork Loin

An international dish that is innovative but still with roots in more traditional Asian cuisine, these sous vide barbeque pork loin combines flavor and sophistication in a fantastic way.

Think of Korean BBQ at home but made fancy and catering to those with more adventurous palettes, and this is absolutely the dish for you!

With a recipe that is easy to follow and sure to please, it is going to be very hard to overlook this pork loin dish.

7. Sous Vide Corned Beef With Irish Fried Cabbage

Another dish that holds roots in an international style of food, Irish influences can be seen clearly in the Irish fried cabbage.

This pairs perfectly with the sous vide corned beef that your friends are sure to love and those not directly with you are sure to envy.

If you are looking for a little extra something, pair this with any of the other vegetable dishes in this piece- they all work together and show that you are a master of sous vide cooking!

8. Sous Vide Asparagus

Speaking of sous vide vegetable recipes that pair with anything and everything- try these sous vide asparagus for your next dinner party… or evening snack, we really aren’t judging!

Asparagus can go on anything from eggs benedict to pasta, veggie bakes, or plates next to a salmon fillet.

So, why not make it a little extra interesting? We can recommend this one, and it is a real keeper.

If you’ve got picky eaters, they just may try this after getting to watch the fun and exciting process of cooking it!

9. Sous Vide Fajita Vegetables

Need more sous to vide dinner ideas but aren’t sure what else to add? Try these sous vide fajita vegetables to add to your main course. Better yet, make this the star of the show if you are opting for a lighter meal.

This can add a fun twist to this Mexican veggie staple and can be the center of a Taco Tuesday if you so desire.

It can also be added to any other style of food since vegetables are all pretty versatile and pair well with most proteins and other veggies!

10. Best Sous Vide Salmon Recipe

We mentioned how asparagus and salmon pair together nicely, right? Well, what about yummy sous vide asparagus and sous-vide salmon counterpart? You can’t beat a yummy, easy dinner like this one!

Well… that is unless you are willing to pair these two with even more sides like the potatoes, carrots, or even sous vide onions.

We really do love this style of cooking and know that you will too when you try it.

11. Sous Vide Carrots

Sous vide carrots are another one of those dishes that could be a side that pairs with a bigger, fancier dish.

They can also be a great starter or, for vegetarians, these just might be the star of the entire meal!

Eat them with a French dip sandwich (yes, we have a sous vide version for you below!) or sous-vide steak (another recipe for that below, too!)

You may just look at carrots differently once you experience this refined and delicious version for yourself.

12. Sous Vide Lemon Curd

So, we’ve been discussing a lot of savory, dinner-based dishes, right?

Well, you may be getting to the point where you are beginning to wonder if you can cook anything sweeter (or even just a lighter dish) in this sought-after sous vide style. In a word, the answer is yes.

Once you make these sous vide lemon curd, you’ll know that you can absolutely create an entire meal from start to finish with this method of cooking.

13. Sous Vide Onions In Beer

We mentioned a little way up that you can make onions sous vide, and the answer was a clear yes to that one. But, did you know that you could do this using beer?

If you didn’t, we won’t hold that against you. We actually just learned about this one recently and are so excited to try it!

It sounds like it would be the perfect pair to a nice steak and potatoes, with some carrots or broccoli on the side to add that extra element to create an entire, filling meal.

14. Sous Vide Steak

We couldn’t list this many options without giving you second sous vide steak recipe to try.

We have to keep the excitement rolling, right? Of course, we do! Better yet, consider this a challenge from us to you:

Cook both versions of these sous-vide steaks following each respective recipe and see which will be your new go-to. You can thank us later.

For now, make this with the onions above for an exciting combination that is sure to get your tastebuds going.

15. 5 Ingredient Butternut Squash Apple Soup Sous Vide Recipe

We’ve given you some pretty exciting recipes so far, but this may just be the best one yet.

In terms of sous vide, this is a surprisingly dynamic dish and, when it comes to soups in general, it really gives as much back to you as you put into it.

You’ll only need 5 ingredients, which the recipe clearly outlines for you, and can make this soup for any occasion you desire.

From a nice, comforting solo meal to a group gathering like a potluck or holiday gathering, sous vide butternut squash and apple soup is the perfect marriage of fall flavors and creamy textures.

16. Sous Vide Guinness Beef Stew Recipe

For another soup, but heartier, try this stew. A perfect dish for when you are looking for a meal that is both comforting and warming but also allows you to feel fully satisfied, this is hard to beat on a cool evening or a rainy afternoon.

Another dish that has roots in Irish cuisine, if you didn’t get that from the word ‘Guinness’ in the title, this sous vide beef stew recipe leaves nothing to desire but will have you wanting to make this again right away.

17. Sous Vide Glazed Baby Carrots

You’ve seen the recipe for sous vide baby carrots, but here we give to you… sous vide glazed baby carrots.

Not the biggest difference in the world, but significant enough to earn a spot on this list.

These baby carrots are a bit sweeter thanks to the glazed aspect and pair very nicely with a sturdy potato dish and perhaps a juicy steak or the savory flavor of good sous-vide salmon. Try them with anything, really!

You could also make a vegetarian smorgasbord out of all the sous vide veggie options we have found for you here.

18. Sous Vide Broccoli

Did someone say sous vide veggies? What about broccoli?

Another dish that earns mixed reviews from those who either love it or hate it, this could turn even the most adamant of broccoli-questioners into those who simply don’t have an opinion.

It may even turn them into broccoli lovers, you never know!

Broccoli tends to be another vegetable that you see paired with steak or salmon and potatoes, so why not make it a whole sous vide party yet again?

Make them all and showcase your newfound skills to all your friends!

19. Sous Vide Hard-Boiled Eggs

Another egg dish, this one takes egg bites to another level.

Sous vide hard-boiled eggs can be used on salads, as a breakfast of their own, on sandwiches, or as a simple yet satisfying side dish or snack.

Grab one of these in the middle of the workday or add it to the kids’ lunch for a yummy and manageable punch of protein.

Try this along with the sous vide egg bites at the beginning of this list and see which one is your favorite.

Who knows, maybe both will become staples in your daily recipe book!

20. Sous Vide French Dip Sandwiches

A good French Dip sandwich is hard to come by at times, so we recommend making your own but, you know, make it sous vide, too.

Eat this as a main dish for lunch on its own, or beef it up a little (so to speak) by adding some sous vide veggies on the side.

Carrots, onions, and asparagus are a great combination that gives this sort of a pot roast feel but on a sandwich. Yum, right?

21. Sous Vide Marsala Poached Pears

You didn’t think we’d give you just one sweeter sous vide option, did you?

These sous vide marsala poached pears are a great way to use up the extra pears you’ve got, along with some other items that are likely in your household.

They allow you to stick to the sous vide style of cooking, all while making a sweet dish that you likely haven’t had the chance to try just yet. Now is your chance, and we can definitely recommend this one!

22. Sous Vide Bananas Foster

To end this list, what better way than like a meal… with dessert, that is? One last sweet sous vide dish that has roots in the southern United States and is a fan favorite in households across the different regions of the states, this one is so good!

A great way to get in that little extra bit of fruit, kids love it and it even has caused adults to be found licking the plate from time to time.

Happy cooking (sous-vide style, of course!)

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