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20 Best Vegetarian Sushi Recipes

Sushi is a much-loved dish around the world, and while it is most well-known for the fact that many rolls contain raw fish, there are many vegetarian sushi options out there, making it a classic dish that everyone can enjoy!

Vegetarian Sushi Recipes

Vegetarian sushi recipes are delicious and often fun and easy to make, so they are a great option to enjoy with friends and family.

You can prepare them on your own ahead of time, or else turn your dinner party into an interactive experience where everyone makes their own rolls.

However you choose to enjoy them, here are 20 veggie sushi rolls you will not be able to resist!

1. Vegan California Roll

This delicious vegan California roll is the perfect twist on this classic sushi roll everyone loves!

In order to make these rolls vegan, the traditional crab in the roll is replaced with a heart of palm (this is, you guessed it, the inner part of a type of palm tree). Don’t let its uniqueness deter you, though — you can find it canned at most stores.

The secret ingredient that makes this recipe so irresistible is the avocado wasabi sauce, which will definitely have you coming back for more. Plus, because this recipe puts the nori on the outside of the roll, it is super easy to make!

2. Avocado Sushi

This avocado sushi roll is another easy and delicious spin on vegetarian sushi you are sure to enjoy.

The addition of carrots and cucumber gives this recipe a healthy and satisfying crunch, and the sprinkle of sesame seeds adds another crunchy surprise you are sure to love.

These rolls are easy to assemble, but you will need some prep time to account for cooking the rice, adding in the vinegar to make it sticky enough to hold together, and letting it cool.

3. Eggplant Sushi

This recipe is great because not only is it vegan, but you can also make it gluten-free by using tamari instead of traditional soy sauce (though if you have a soy sauce go-to, that will be just as delicious!).

While you might not think to put eggplant in sushi, it makes a great substitute to replace the traditional meatiness of fish. The key is to cook the eggplant to get that soft, meaty texture before assembling your rolls.

The secret ingredient in this recipe is maple syrup! It helps hold the rice together and adds a flavor that compliments the eggplant well.

4. Vegan Teriyaki Sushi Burrito

The only thing better than a sushi roll is a sushi burrito! And this vegan sushi roll recipe delivers just that.

It is so easy because once you roll up your sushi roll (see what we did there?), you don’t even have to slice it into individual bites, which is the beauty of the burrito form. It is instantly ready to go!

Plus, this recipe is jam-packed with delicious and healthy veggies, like carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, and even red cabbage sauerkraut! What’s not to love about that?

5. Tempeh Crunch Spicy Roll

Spicy sushi is a whole new level of sushi, and this recipe is here to spice things up! Combine that with the satisfying crunch found in each bite, and you’ll be looking forward to the next time you put this dish on your weekly menu.

This recipe calls for tempeh, but if you are not a fan or want to mix things up the second time you make this (because we know you will be making it again!), jackfruit is a great substitution to use instead.

Similarly, if you do not want to use the chili garlic sauce in the recipe, your favorite hot sauce will work just as well and really make your meal your own!

6. Rainbow Veggie Sushi Rolls

These sushi rolls are a burst of color with carrots, cucumber, red cabbage, and avocado! Food that tastes and looks amazing? Sign me up!

The key ingredient in this recipe is the spicy mayo, which you can make yourself with your mayo of choice (the recipe calls for avocado mayo if you want to keep it vegan) and sriracha.

Yum! This spicy twist pairs perfectly with the fresh veggies to create a well-balanced, crunchy bite with the perfect kick.

Because everything in this roll goes inside the nori sheets, it is super easy to assemble in no time at all!

7. Vegetable Sushi

This healthy, veggie-packed sushi roll is sure to please!

While a lot of vegetarian sushi options have carrots and cucumbers, this recipe takes its veggie game to the next level with additions like asparagus, plum tomatoes, red onion, and more!

Who would have ever thought asparagus could go in sushi?

This recipe does suggest using wasabi paste inside the roll for some extra spice, but if you do not love spicy foods or would rather just have a hint of wasabi, you can either leave it out altogether or add your amount of choice to each bite!

8. Vegetarian Sushi

This recipe is vegan and gluten-free, making it a great option for a variety of eaters.

It does not call for nori, so we recommend using a sushi mat as suggested to make it easier to roll up your sushi roll.

However, if nori is a must for you, you can easily adapt the recipe to include it rather than just rice and sesame seeds.

The secret veggie in this recipe is green bell pepper, but you can use any bell pepper you like.

Plus, this calls for both cucumber and zucchini, which make a surprisingly delicious pair!

9. Vegetarian Sweet Potato Sushi Roll

Sweet potato and sushi sound like a strange combination, but this recipe is sure to change your mind! Plus, it is gluten-free! The recipe even includes tips on how to make this sushi vegan if desired.

Sweet potatoes are delicious and packed with nutrients, so they make the perfect addition to your next sushi night.

This recipe includes directions for a delicious spicy tahini sauce you won’t want to miss, but if you are not a fan of spicy food, soy sauce will be just as good!

10. Vegan Tofu Sushi Sandwiches and Rolls

Now that you know there are sushi burritos, are you ready for sushi sandwiches (traditionally known as onigirazu ?!

These delicious sushi sandwiches are a can’t-miss recipe! With tofu “katsu,” this vegan take on a flavorful Japanese dish will leave you satisfied and wanting more. Plus, when in sandwich form, this sushi is quick to assemble and ready to take on the go.

The recipe also includes directions for a fantastic homemade teriyaki sauce, but if you prefer spicy mayo or some other topper, that will work just as well.

11. Vegan Avocado and Roasted Red Pepper Sushi

These easy-to-make rolls are ready in about 30 minutes, making them the perfect way to impress your dinner guests or enjoy and family night of making dinner together.

The not-so-secret ingredient that makes this sushi so good is the roasted red peppers!

Their sweet flavor balances perfectly with the avocado, and you can easily find them pre-roasted and ready to go at basically any grocery store.

If you are feeling fancy, they are fairly easy to roast on your own at home, so don’t hesitate to embrace your inner master chef!

12. Cucumber Sushi Rolls

These cucumber sushi rolls are so easy to make and gluten-free! If you are looking for a roll-free way to make sushi, look no further.

The unique aspect of this recipe is that the cucumber is the roll — as in, everything else gets stuffed inside it. Hollow out the cucumber (remove the seed portion); fill it with sushi rice, avocado, and bell pepper; and presto! You have yourself an inverted sushi roll.

The great thing about these rolls is that they are super versatile, so don’t be afraid to get creative and add your favorite veggies, like carrots, mushrooms, or any of the delicious options mentioned in the recipes above!

13. Easy Vegan Sushi

Here is another super easy recipe on this vegetarian sushi rolls list that is perfect for sushi-making beginners or family meal night!

The sauteed tofu in this recipe gives it some nice crispy substance, but if you don’t feel like tofu, you can just use your favorite veggies or even throw in some vegan cream cheese if you want a taste of that classic sushi element!

This is the perfect recipe to experiment with to really create your favorite customized sushi roll!

14. spicy Carrot Lox and Avocado Sushi

Did you know that carrot lox is the perfect vegan substitute for salmon lox? As such, it makes a surprisingly delicious addition to vegan sushi!

It is straightforward to make, and we are sure you’ll be including it in many meals to come.

Combine your carrot lox with the avocado, vegan mayo, and sriracha included in this recipe, and you will fall in love with this fresh burst of flavor!

If you want a little crunch, we recommend topping with some sesame seeds, and you can also serve with pickled ginger or wasabi to up the flavor game even more.

15. Oshinko Roll

Have you heard of OShinko? This delicious Japanese food is sweet but salty pickled veggies, such as yellow radish, and it makes the perfect, super-satisfying filling for vegan sushi!

This recipe is so simple, just calling for oshinko, sushi rice, and nori to wrap it in, but you can easily add your favorite veggies, like carrots or cucumber, or even opt for vegan cream cheese or avocado if you want something creamy.

For toppings, oshinko pairs especially well with wasabi or soy sauce.

16. Vegetable Nigiri

Nigiri is a specialty sushi dish that classically includes cuts of raw tuna or salmon atop beds of rice.

For a veggie twist on this dish, red bell pepper makes a great tuna substitute, and king oyster mushrooms perfectly take the place of scallops!

The presentation is just as beautiful as the traditional fish option, and veggie-lovers everywhere will be excited to dig in!

Note that the red bell pepper does need to marinate beforehand for at least 3 hours (if not overnight), so this recipe requires some preparation and forethought.

17. Vegan Cream Cheese and Veggie Sushi

Cashew cream cheese makes an excellent substitute for traditional cream cheese and paired with asparagus and cucumber, you have yourself a delicious vegan sushi roll!

If you want to make it even more like a California roll, you can add in some avocado, as well, which complements the cream cheese well.

This recipe rolls up the sushi with the nori on the inside, but if that seems too daunting to you, you can opt to leave the nori on the outside, instead!

18. Spicy Tofu Veggie Sushi

Spicy flavors bring sushi dishes to a whole new level, and this recipe is no exception.

Plus, we know the appealing color palette will leave your dinner date oohing and awing. The variation in sushi roll color is achieved by using both black and white rice to make your rolls.

Black rice makes one roll, white rice makes another, and white rice dyed pink with beetroot can make a third! No one will be able to resist.

The flavor star here is the spicy tofu, which is cooked to crunchy perfection to create the perfect texture combo in your sushi roll. Enjoy!

19. Cauliflower Rice Sushi Rolls

While sushi is a traditionally carb-heavy dish due to the sushi rice typically required to roll it up, this cauliflower rice sushi recipe is keto-friendly!

If you’ve gone keto or low-carb and are missing your sushi fix, then this recipe is for you.

You will definitely want nori sheets to help hold your rolls together since cauliflower rice is not as sticky as traditional sushi rice.

The real stunner in this recipe is the peanut sauce, which really brings all the flavors together and is quick and easy to make.

If you are not a peanut fan, tamari, soy sauce, or spicy vegan mayo will also be delicious.

20. Vegetable Sushi Avocado Toast

We simply cannot pitch a list of vegetable sushi ideas without including this sushi-filled take and avocado toast! Who could say no to that combo?

Because there is no rolling involved, this recipe is an easy way to enjoy the classic flavors of sushi like avocado, cucumber, carrot, seaweed, wasabi, and more!

Simply make avocado toast, and top away with all your favorite sushi goodness.

If you want to get even fancier, we recommend including some vegan cream cheese or spicy vegan mayo, Plus, this recipe is easily customizable to include all your favorite veggies, and you can make it for breakfast, and lunch, or dinner!

Vegetarian Sushi Recipes

20 Best Vegetarian Sushi Recipes

Yield: 12
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Are you on a time crunch but still craving vegan sushi? Check out our bonus recipe, which is made with pre-cooked rice and ready in about 20 minutes!


  • 1 package pre-cooked rice
  • 2 nori sheets
  • 1 cucumber, thinly chopped
  • 1 carrot, thinly chopped


  1. Cover and microwave the rice for about 1 minute. Divide the rice in half and spread each half on a sheet of nori.
  2. Lay half the veggies on each bed of rice, and carefully roll up your sushi. Cool completely in the refrigerator before cutting and serving.


To spice things up, you can serve with wasabi, spicy mayo, soy sauce, or tamari. Plus, vegan cream cheese and avocado also make excellent fillings and are very easy to prepare and add-in! Enjoy!

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