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25 Easy Ground Chicken Recipes To Make For Dinner

I’m sure you use ground beef and even ground pork often – who doesn’t love meatballs? However, do you ever use ground chicken? Most people would probably answer no. Not because it isn’t delicious, but just because they aren’t sure what to do with it.

25 Ground Chicken Recipes To Make For Dinner

Often, when people think of chicken, they imagine a whole roast chicken or maybe baked chicken thighs.

While these are delicious ways of enjoying chicken, sometimes it’s a good idea to test out new cooking methods and new ingredients. It’s always a pleasant surprise when you find new foods you enjoy!

Ground chicken recipes are excellent as it shows you just how many things can be created with chicken. Since this particular protein has a more subtle flavor, it’s a superb vehicle for more out-there flavors.

Change it up by trying these 25 yummy recipes for ground chicken. You’ll be happy you tried something new!

1. Firecracker Chicken Meatballs

All there is to say is – yum! These chicken meatballs are an excellent alternative to pork or beef meatballs. You get the perfect amount of heat from the sauce while enjoying these little morsels.

Bet you weren’t expecting apple cider vinegar in this recipe! It gives the meatballs a nice tang to balance out the sweetness of the brown sugar and the heat from the hot sauce.

If you aren’t feeling the apple cider vinegar, swap it out with some lime juice to add freshness and bitterness.

2. One-Pot Cheesy Taco Rice

This ground chicken one-pot cheesy taco rice is the ultimate comfort meal. It’s perfect for dinner and can be made in less than 25 minutes. Your family will be requesting this recipe on a weekly basis after trying it once.

The unexpected ingredient? It would be the corn kernels that are added to the mixture. They provide a slight sweetness that you didn’t know you wanted.

The corn can easily be swapped with peas. You’ll still get a slight sweetness, and it doesn’t hurt to have the extra veggies in there.

3. Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Here is one of the best copycat recipes for P.F. Chang’s. No one can resist this restaurant chain’s lettuce wraps. Now, you can make an equally tasty version at home.

The secret ingredient to this one is the source of the heat – the Asian chili garlic sauce. It provides the right amount of hot and flavor to this dish.

There are many items you can switch the hot sauce for – try it with red pepper flakes for heat without the garlic flavor.

4. BBQ Chicken Burgers

You’ve tried beef burgers, but have you tried chicken burgers? If you’re working on cutting down your red meat consumption, this is an excellent choice for you. The seasonings combined with the barbecue sauce make this tasty dish just perfect.

The unexpected ingredient in this recipe? It would be the gouda cheese that’s added on top of the cheddar cheese. Yum!

If gouda doesn’t appeal to you – try substituting your favorite cheese instead. Or, just add more cheddar.

5. Chicken Ranch Burgers

This is one of the best ground chicken recipes – guaranteed. Make sure to grill these bad boys for an extra smoky flavor.

Cook each burger for about six minutes on each side, and you’re good to go.

Surprisingly, this recipe includes BBQ sauce for seasoning. It adds an extra sweetness that ranch alone doesn’t have.

The ranch and BBQ sauce combination is not for everyone. Instead, you can try adding buffalo sauce for additional heat.

6. BBQ Cheddar Chicken Meatloaf

The best part about this recipe? It can easily be made gluten-free. The cheddar and bbq sauce combine together in this dish for the ultimate rich taste.

You’ll be including scallions in the meatloaf – surprise! It gives the meatloaf a pop of color and some extra oomph.

You can always swap the scallions with a yellow or white onion instead for a slightly different flavor.

7. Chicken Patties

Something about teriyaki sauce and chicken together just makes such a tasty flavor combination.

These chicken patties work perfectly with noodles.

The egg yolk is the surprise ingredient in this dish. With chicken being leaner, you’ll need something to hold the patties together.

Substituting egg is a bit harder in recipes, though it can be done. Try using a small amount of mayonnaise to hold the patties together while cooking. You won’t taste it in the final product.

8. Kung Pao Chicken

Have you ever wanted to make your own kung pao chicken at home? Well, why not give this recipe a whirl. In this version, you’ll be using ground chicken instead of chicken chunks so it can more easily be served over rice.

The unexpected ingredient in this tasty dish is cooking wine. Don’t worry; the alcohol cooks out as the meal heats up.

Don’t have cooking wine at home? You can use white wine instead. You’ll still get an unbelievable flavor.

9. Chicken Burrito Bowl

Instead of heading out and grabbing a burrito bowl from Chipotle, grab a few ingredients and make your own at home.

It will be just as delicious and cook faster than expected. The cilantro and lime juice provide a yummy taste to this healthy meal.

You’ll be using Greek yogurt to create the sauce/topping for your burrito bowl. This is a great way to cut down on some calories and enjoy a tasty flavor at the same time.

If you’re looking for a richer sauce, you can always use crema (Spanish sour cream).

10. White Chili With Ground Chicken

If you can use ground beef or pork for chili, why not ground chicken? This easy lunch idea can be created in a crockpot if desired. Or, prep and cook it in 40 minutes. Warm-up on colder days with this delightful, spicy meal.

Jalapeno is included in this chili recipe for added spiciness. If you want slightly less heat, make sure to remove the seeds and innards before adding the pepper into the chili.

Still too spicy? Try a poblano pepper instead – they tend to have much less heat to them.

11. Bacon Ranch Ground Chicken Quesadillas

Who doesn’t love quesadillas? They’re tasty, they’re quick, and they always hit the spot. This take on quesadillas offers more of an American style featuring delicious amounts of bacon and ranch.

The ranch is the unexpected ingredient in this one. It adds a nice creaminess to the quesadillas and packs a punch for flavor.

Swap the ranch out for honey mustard and enjoy the sweet, tangy flavors.

12. Chicken Zucchini Boats

Do you remember eating zucchini boats as a child? No? Well, it’s never too late. Plus, they’ll help curb any cravings you might have as they fill you up with yummy ground chicken and cheese.

Buffalo wing sauce is the star of this recipe. It gives that vinegar taste and heat you crave all in one bottle.

Sriracha is an excellent substitute for buffalo sauce. It adds a slight sweetness instead.

13. Chicken Spinach Lasagna

Craving lasagna, but want more veggies in your life? Check out this recipe for ground chicken.

You still get to eat the gooey, cheesy pasta, but you can also trick yourself into eating more greens by hiding the spinach inside.

The unexpected ingredient is the fennel seed used for seasoning. It adds a slight licorice-like flavor.

Skip the fennel seeds and add in dill seeds instead. You’ll get a yummy flavor without the licorice taste.

14. Low Carb Firecracker Ground Chicken

You can never go wrong with firecracker chicken – the sweet heat provides the ultimate flavor combination. Plus, this version is low carb, so you can feel good about heading back for seconds.

Buffalo sauce is the surprise ingredient in this tasty dish. It provides an extra hint of heat throughout the ground chicken.

You can use chili garlic oil instead for some additional heat. Just make sure not to use too much, or it may become overly greasy.

15. Ground Orange Chicken

Orange chicken is a personal favorite. How can you not love pieces of chicken drenched in a sticky, sweet sauce?

Wondering how this dish turns out so perfectly sweet? It’s the surprise inclusion of sugar.

Mirin is a great alternative to sugar and offers a slight extra tang to dishes. It’s actually a rice wine, but it tends to be on the sweeter side. A note, if you swap out the sugar, the sauce may be less thick.

16. Baked Ground Chicken Tacos

Tacos are the best meal – there’s no doubt about it. They’re super versatile and super scrumptious. This taco recipe offers an authentic taste with lean meat.

The ground chicken is the unexpected ingredient in this one. Most people are used to steak or fish tacos.

If you’re not a fan of chicken in tacos, try ground turkey as a lean alternative. Or, go the more traditional route with steak/beef.

17. Italian Stuffed Peppers

Looking for a new take on stuffed peppers? This recipe offers a yummy twist on a traditional stuffed pepper by including Italian seasoning. You can never go wrong with Italian seasoning.

Brown rice is the unexpected ingredient for this dish. Usually, white rice is used.

Some people aren’t a fan of brown rice; if that’s you, try cauliflower rice or couscous instead.

Curious about what else goes with stuffed peppers? Try a yummy side salad for some extra nutrients.

18. Chicken Parmesan Pasta Skillet

Don’t have FOMO. Give this cheesy, decadent chicken parmesan pasta skillet a try. The cheese, chicken, marinara, and pasta combine perfectly to create the ultimate tasty meal.

The piece de resistance? The panko crumbs on top that add a nice crunch.

Easily swap out the panko crumbs for Italian seasoned bread crumbs. You’ll get an even more flavorful dish.

19. Chicken Burger With Bacon

Still not sure of what to do with ground chicken? Here’s an excellent meal idea.

This recipe offers chicken burgers smothered in a spicy mayo sauce and topped with bacon. The patties are seared in a hot oiled skillet until golden on each side.

Not expecting the recipe to use cumin, are you? Cumin is most often used in Spanish recipes, so it can have a surprising taste in this dish.

You can substitute Worcestershire sauce. It will add a completely different flavor but still taste yummy.

20. Chicken Crust Pizza

Have you ever tried cauliflower crust pizza? How about chicken crust pizza? This delectable recipe with ground chicken offers a new way to eat pizza that beefs up the protein.

The surprise ingredient in this dish, is again, the chicken. Using ground chicken for the crust is not commonly thought of when making pizza.

You can always substitute the ground chicken for other types of ground meat like turkey or even pork. Give it a try and see how it tastes!

21. Bacon Ranch Chicken Poppers

Hunting for a yummy paleo snack? This is the perfect snack for you. Bacon, chicken, and seasoning are combined to create a delectable dish you won’t be able to keep your hands off of. Finish it with some ranch as a dip.

Carrots are included in this recipe. I’m as surprised as you are. They’re combined with the bacon, so you won’t even taste them.

Still not a fan of including carrots? Substitute it with cheese. It won’t be a paleo recipe, but it will be gooey and delicious.

22. Garlic Parmesan Chicken Mini Meatloaf

Everything is better in a miniature size – especially this garlic parmesan chicken meatloaf.

These perfectly seasoned individual meatloaves are topped with a mouthwatering sauce that will leave you in tears of happiness.

The heavy whipping cream is the secret sauce for this recipe. Literally – it helps make the sauce decadent and delicious.

You can use other dairy products as substitutes, like 2% milk. You’ll need to balance it out with slightly more flour since the milk is thinner than the heavy cream.

23. Ground Chicken Sloppy Joes

Sloppy joes are such an easy dish, and even your pickiest eaters will enjoy them. Plus, they’re easy and quick to make. This sloppy joe recipe adds brown sugar for some extra sweetness. Yum!

Simpler recipes for sloppy joes use just ketchup and mustard for flavor.

This one surprisingly includes Worcestershire sauce along with additional seasonings to balance out the brown sugar.

Oops, forgot to pick up Worcestershire sauce at the store? You can use soy sauce instead for a similar flavor.

You’ve made your meal, now what to serve with sloppy joes? Add some fries on the side, and you’ll have a bunch of happy campers.

24. Chicken Pelmeni

Have you tried chicken pelmeni yet? Well, jump on the train because these delicious Russian dumplings are delightful!

These buttery morsels are perfect for serving as an appetizer. Or, grab some soup/salad and turn it into a full meal.

The unexpected ingredient is white vinegar. Some people enjoy topping their pelmeni with white vinegar as it provides a nice tang.

If you want a richer taste, add butter or sour cream on top instead. Get fancy and chop up some green onions for a garnish. Voila!

25. Potstickers

Need another idea for what to make with ground chicken? Why not cook up some potstickers?

They usually incorporate ground meat, so the ground chicken is a perfect addition to this dish. You’ll find a slight sweetness to this dish which is an excellent complement to the slight spice of the ginger and green onions.

These potstickers unexpectedly have cabbage. Usually, potstickers include meat, green onions, and seasonings.

You can always swap the cabbage out for shredded carrots. You’ll still get that hint of vegetable in each bite.

Ground chicken is amazingly versatile and super easy to cook with. With the above recipes, you can have nearly a different dish for a whole month!

Although, we don’t recommend this as your family will surely be craving other types of protein by the 25th day.

Give these recipes a go (maybe start with just a few per month!). Each flavorful meal will prove just how yummy ground chicken can be!

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