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21 Best Pistachio Desserts

The following pistachio desserts are fun to make and are loaded with delicious, sweet, and crunchy pistachio nuts and flavoring. We’re sharing pistachio recipes for pudding cake, cookies, dessert salad, cheesecake, biscotti, shortbread, cookie bars, trifle, muffins, and pies. These recipes can’t miss at your next gathering or your dinner table.

21 Best Pistachio Desserts for Holiday Parties

These decadent and rich desserts will have your mouth watering just reading them. Imagine how good they will taste!

Pistachios aren’t the only ingredient in these recipes. You will enjoy the array of spices used to make them.

To top it all off, you will find easy pistachio dessert ideas that will delight your family and have your friends and neighbors wondering how you found the time to do it.

Are you ready to learn how to make a pistachio fluff dessert salad? If so, you are ready to check out these pistachio dessert ideas for yourself.

1. The Best Ever Pistachio Pudding Cake

There’s nothing better than a cake that is so moist and tender that it just melts in your mouth. Don’t you think so?

This recipe is for the Best Ever Pistachio Pudding Cake full of pistachio flavor and very moist.

The simple cream cheese frosting is the best topping you can put on this cake. These flavors and textures make a complimentary pistachio dessert.

Pistachio pudding, a little green gel food coloring, and chopped pistachios make this a party favorite.

2. Decadent Dark Chocolate Pistachio Slice & Bake Cookies

This recipe for Dark Chocolate Pistachio Slice & Bake Cookies is simply amazing!

Can’t you taste how one of these cookies will be with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa?

Essentially, this recipe combines two great flavors into a cookie that everyone can love.

You will need some pistachios, dark chocolate, egg, butter, flour, and sugar.

Be sure to soak the pistachios, so they are easier to slice and that your egg is at room temperature.

If you like chocolate, but not dark chocolate, you can experiment with milk chocolate or even white chocolate!

3. The Best Watergate Salad – Pistachio Fluff Recipe

What’s Watergate Salad? It’s an easy-to-make, dump it, and serve the classic salad. It’s great for any holiday or gathering since

it’s super easy to make and super delicious to eat.

You can whip this easy pistachio dessert up in 5 minutes.

What you’ll need for this recipe is pistachio instant pudding mix, crushed pineapple, mini marshmallows, chopped pistachios, and whipped cream.

You can use other nuts if you prefer, and you can use homemade whipped cream or Cool Whip.

This is an old-fashioned classic dessert that many families have made for generations. You can pass this one down for yours.

4. Simply Delicious Pistachio Cheesecake Pie

I think it’s pretty safe to say that almost anything goes with cheesecake unless you aren’t a fan of cream cheese. What do you think?

With all the flavors used in cheesecake recipes, this Pistachio Cheesecake Pie seems like a real winner.

This is likely one of the best pistachio dessert ideas I’ve seen so far. It’s a no-bake cheesecake, which is just a bonus.

The ingredients that make this pistachio recipe so good include Nilla Vanilla wafers or Graham crackers for the crust, pistachio instant pudding, cream cheese, whipped cream, and some chopped pistachios.

5. Superb Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti Recipe

Do you like intense desserts? If you do, you will love this Superb Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti recipe.

If you’re a coffee lover like I am, you will love dipping these intensely delicious pistachio biscotti cookies in your coffee.

I’m willing to guess that these would also be good dipped in hot chocolate.

These will take about an hour and 10 minutes from preparation to serve but are they ever worth every bit of that.

You’ll need some flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, olive oil, eggs, vanilla beans or extract, chopped pistachios, and semi-sweet melted chocolate.

6. Raspberry Pistachio Shortbread Bars

Shortbread cookies make one of the most versatile recipe bases.

This Raspberry Pistachio Shortbread Bars recipe is proof of just how versatile shortbread recipes are.

You will surprise and delight your family and friends with this recipe since it’s so different and unique.

This recipe will add a nice touch to your Christmas cookie tray. Served with hot cocoa or coffee, this recipe is sure to be a big hit.

You’ll need to set aside about an hour to make these. If you want more than 12 bars, you can adjust the recipe to make more.

7. Irresistible Pistachio Macarons

Do you like the idea of serving fancy pistachio pastries? This Irresistible Pistachio Macaron recipe will bring French-inspired, green macarons to the table,

While nearly everyone is bringing peppermint and minty desserts to the party, you can change things up and get these nutty, green, and delicious pistachio macarons.

You may even want to hold on to this recipe for St. Patrick’s Day for that perfect touch of green.

You will probably want to buy shelled pistachios to avoid the time-consuming task of shelling them yourself. It’s worth the little extra expense.

After all, these are fancy pastries.

8. Chunky Chocolate Pistachio Cookies

It’s the season of baking cookies for Santa, yourself, and your family and friends. With the holidays upon us, you’ll want something quick and easy to bake.

The Chunky Chocolate Pistachio Cookies recipe will only take about 15 minutes to prepare, 10 minutes to bake, and just a little time to cool for serving.

Dutch-processed cocoa is my personal favorite for these cookies. Some other ingredients that make these cookies so tasty include pistachios (of course), sea salt, and chocolate chunks.

This is one of the best, richest, and delicious pistachio dessert recipes I’ve made.

9. Festive Cranberry & Pistachio White Chocolate Bark

Are you that festive friend that brings joy to others?

This means you are also likely that person who brings festive desserts to holiday gatherings.

If this sounds like you, this Festive Cranberry & Pistachio White Chocolate Bark recipe will give you something new and different to bring joy and goodness to the table.

Christmas bark recipes are already pretty trendy, but this recipe is so unique that it is unlikely that anyone else will think of this one.

It’s a no-bake solution that takes only 15 minutes to prepare and refrigerate.

10. Rich & Creamy Pistachio Fudge

Nuts and the color green go perfectly with the upcoming holidays. Are you looking for something festive and fitting for the holiday parties you’re attending?

Another party favorite is fudge. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to make this Rich & Creamy Pistachio Fudge.

While this recipe specifies white chocolate chips, which accentuate the green of the pistachio pudding, you can use other chocolate chips.

You don’t have to bring a green dessert.

For instance, you can make this fudge using milk chocolate or dark chocolate. You may also prefer peanut butter or maple walnut fudge over this pistachio dessert idea.

11. Pistachio Pudding Trifle Dessert Recipe

Trifles are popular desserts for the holidays. If you’re looking for a festive holiday recipe for those family gatherings, this.

Pistachio Pudding Trifle Dessert recipe is perfect.

You will find this recipe to be an easy pistachio dessert to make. It will take about an hour and 20 minutes.

Most busy people want something made ahead and with as little baking or cooking as possible. That’s what this is.

You can save more time by getting ready-made ingredients like the angel food cake and whipped cream. After that, it’s mostly about layering.

12. Pistachio Wedding Cookies

Can you believe that Pistachio Wedding Cookies are a classic, traditional Christmas cookie?

This recipe is essentially an Internet sensation. You can jump on this trendy cookie for your holiday gatherings.

This is a melt-in-your-mouth cookie that is buttery and soft. I bet you won’t be able to eat only one of these cookies.

They are quite addicting. These are based on shortbread cookies with pistachio pudding to make them taste like a cake.

You shouldn’t have to spend more than 25 minutes prepping and baking these delicious cookies that resemble pistachio pastries due to the texture.

13. Bakery Style Pistachio Muffins

How would you like to make some muffins that your family will think you bought at the bakery?

This next recipe for Bakery Style Pistachio Muffins will make them wonder if you bought them or baked them. It’s up to you whether you tell them or not.

One of the secrets to making these look like they came from the bakery is to get that perfect muffin dome.

You do that by using a very high heat setting when you put them in the oven. After that, you will complete the baking process by lowering the temperature.

14. Amazing Italian Pistachio Cookies

Do you want to make a cookie that is crunchy but also chewy? Italian cookies inspire this Italian Pistachio Cookies recipe with its crunchy plus chewy texture.

These cookies have pistachio nuts, honey, fresh lemon zest, egg white, sifted icing sugar, granulated sugar, vanilla extract, and almond flour.

I don’t know about you, but I can already taste this cookie by looking at the ingredients.

This recipe will make a big splash at your holiday parties. You can whip these 2 dozen pistachio cookies in about 35 minutes.

15. No-Bake Cranberry Pistachio White Chocolate Truffles

Are you searching for a no-bake dessert to take to holiday parties?

You will not be disappointed with this No-Bake Cranberry Pistachio White Chocolate Truffles recipe.

Not only will you not be disappointed in the recipe, but your family and friends also will not be disappointed with the taste.

Truffles make an excellent holiday dessert since they are finger desserts easily grabbed as you walk by the dessert table.

This one is sure to please between the cranberries, white chocolate, and the chopped, toasted pistachios.

16. Crispy & Chewy Pistachio Butter Cookies

How would your family and friends like a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth cookie?

If your family and friends are anything like mine, they would be on board for this Crispy & Chewy Pistachio Butter Cookies recipe.

If you know some pistachio lovers, this is one recipe that’s sure to please.

This cookie’s crispy and chewy textures come from the flour to butter ratio, making the outer part crisp while the center stays tough and soft.

The pistachios add the nutty flavor from the first bite to the last. This recipe makes 24 cookies in 30 minutes from prep to baking.

17. Butter-Free & Flourless Pistachio Cookies

Not everyone wants flour or butter in their desserts. Are you looking for a flourless and butter-free dessert for your upcoming holiday parties?

This Butter-Free & Flourless Pistachio Cookies recipe is just what you need.

Made with powdered pistachio, powdered sugar, egg, and grated coconut, this light and the tasty cookie will satisfy your craving for sweets.

Even without butter, these cookies don’t fall apart but hold together, making them an ideal solution for party treats.

18. Rich & Creamy Pistachio Cheesecake

What if you could make a unique cheesecake for the holidays? This Rich & Creamy Pistachio Cheesecake recipe comes with some delightful surprises.

First, it doesn’t feature the traditional graham cracker crust. Instead, the crust is made from almond extract, butter, and ground-up almonds to complement the pistachio flavor.

Also, this is a great summer cheesecake, but it is also just as perfect for Christmas gatherings.

If you prefer graham cracker crust, you can use that instead of the crust specified in the recipe.

You may even prefer going with a chocolate graham cracker crust. Chocolate and pistachios are amazing together.

19. Buttery Pistachio Bundt Cake

We have this Buttery Pistachio Bundt Cake recipe for your consideration for people who love light, buttery bundt cakes.

If you’re like me, you know you need to be prepared for multiple holiday parties. I try to keep a nice list of different desserts to bring along to avoid bringing the same thing to every party.

Bundt cakes are easy to make, and with the pistachios and green food coloring, it’s the ideal Christmas party dessert.

This recipe calls for candy melts as the topping, but you can opt for white chocolate to ice this cake.

20. Moist Pistachio Muffins

It can be challenging to make moist muffins, but this recipe for Pistachio Muffins will help you with that.

These muffins are moist, tender, and nutty tasting.

The butter and Greek yogurt contribute to the moistness of these muffins, while the pistachios contribute to the nutty flavor. You’ll be using coarsely chopped and finely chopped pistachios for these muffins.

This recipe doesn’t require a food processor, but it will come out better if you have one.

Besides being a good option for holiday baking, these are also great for making up ahead of time and freezing later.

21. Tangy Pistachio & Mascarpone Pie

We all know that pies play a major role in holiday baking. However, what if you want to make a pie that isn’t made with pecans or pumpkin? That’s where this Tangy Pistachio & Mascarpone Pie recipe comes in handy.

You can be the unique person to bring this pie to a holiday party. You may even want to test it out on your family as an after-dinner dessert.

You will enjoy the multiple textures that come from this pistachio dessert recipe, and your friends will want the recipe.

You can share it or keep it a secret.

21 Best Pistachio Desserts for Holiday Parties

21 Best Pistachio Desserts

Yield: 12
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes


  • Crust:
  • • 2 sleeves buttery round crackers
  • • ½ c melted butter
  • Topping:
  • • ½ gallon vanilla ice cream softened
  • • 2 (3 oz) packages instant pistachio pudding mix
  • • 1 ½ c milk
  • • 1 (12 oz) container frozen whipped topping
  • • ¼ c chocolate-covered toffee bits


    1. While you're preparing your dessert, preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
    2. In a large bowl, mix up the melted butter and cracker crumbs until everything is well combined.
    3. Next, put the mixture in a 9 x 13 baking pan and gently press it down around the edges, corners, and sides of the pan.
    4. You will bake this crust until it's golden brown, and it smells like it's been toasted. That should take around 15 minutes. Take the crust out of the oven to let it sit and cool.
    5. The next step is to mix up the pudding, ice cream, and the milk into a large bowl. Make sure the mixture is well-blended.
    6. Now pour it into the crust, spreading it evenly around the pan.
    7. Top off this dessert with some toffee pieces and put it in the freezer until it's frozen, which shouldn't take more than one hour.

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